Oh I Wish I Were in Dick Sea


The problem with going political in a blog is that there are already 343,000 other people on the internet saying what you are saying. I myself turn to Bud or Tod for rational leftist discourse, leaving them to articulate many things so I don’t have to. Every time I talk about politics, I get so fucking angry that I do more harm than good.

That said, this Howard Dean Confederate Flag brouhaha has got to stop. Anyone with a brain knows that Dean wasn’t being racist, or even particularly insensitive. His point is absolutely dead-on: there are a shitload of not-very-bright people in the South who need to be brought back into the Democratic Party, because the Republicans have done nothing but bait their latent racism with one hand while stealing their wallets with the other. And yes, those Southern rednecks do occasionally have a Confederate Flag on their pickup truck in one guise or another.

Personally, I think the South is the least racist place in America, but that’s beside the point. The other Democrats – most notably Edwards, Lieberman and Kerry

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  1. Andy Bagwell

    I have been saying for years that the South is the least racist place in America. Clearly, this requires a blog unto itself.

  2. steph

    As a Yankee-bred Southerner, I believe both of you are right. It’s been my sad personal experience that I have found Yankees can be more racist. I don’t even fully grasp what happened with the DEAN confederate flag issue. Clearly, there are some people who display the flag as “heritage not hate” but why do so when it hurts people? Was Bo Duke trying to be hateful with his orange car? Did Dean say something about disregarding the redneck’s choice of flag pride and bring them on board anyway? Was he saying we should overlook this issue because bigger issues need to be addressed? I am so confused.

  3. ap

    couple things – I had Howard as my governor for most of the last 10 years. He’s the best politician/leader I’ve ever seen. That said, he ain’t presidential material. The flag quote was said because he already knows he has the racial minority vote (Clarence Thomas excepted) – ususal Dean, honest, but not well put.
    Second thing – as a Tarheel – Dean for president means only one Dean – Smith. I’m going to have T-shirts made, really.

  4. Alan

    You know that underground railroad idea may be a bit of a bleak joke, but I have been taught, had ales with and worked with many guys 10 to 15 years older than me who moved north during Vietnam. Their contribution to our country is not often acknowledged but you would sure be welcome to add to the up-here of North America. You might need to set up a sponsourship program – as well as lessons on silent “u” utilization.


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