In 1997, I was a fan of the North Carolina Tar Heels.


In 1987, I was a fan of big hair.


In 1977, I was a fan of the Los Angeles Rams.


In 1967, I was a fan of peace.

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  1. sean

    That Rams hat is doubly awesome because under that jacket your wearing you English Schoolboy Uniform. Ya ponce.
    Also, Dad had to be 31 or so in that bottom picture, and look how much more hair we both have than him.

  2. Bud

    OMFG, the hair! (excuse the IM speak)
    Even more impressive in person. I saw it, and then I ran. I ran so far away.
    Didn’t you reprise the enormous hair theme in ’88 by going as Ludwig Von? I’d have to vote that (Beethoven) your best halloween costume to date, at least the best I saw. Worst, of course was when you went as a baby in ’91, although the “L’il Stinker” t-shirt was way cool. And baby bottles full of Cap’n Morgan’s rum can simply not be beat.
    Returning to the photo, whatever _did_ happen to baby Jane, anyway?

  3. Ian

    Yeah, actually that costume shown in ’87 was good – I was the Heatmiser from “The Year Without a Santa Claus.”
    In 1988, I looked like Beethoven, but I was supposed to be Mozart’s bastard brother Ed. I’ll find a picture of that too.
    Here’s the thing about being a baby for Christmas: you get to wear Depends diapers. And if you find yourself talking to some boring girl while you have to pee, well, you know the rest. It ROCKED!

  4. Bud

    Yes, but…
    All evening we were about 17 seconds away from getting our asses kicked by redneck meatheads, remember? Not that my witch-on-acid costume was much better for that. Still, a bad Halloween in Chapel Hill is better than a good day at a NASCAR race. Or something like that.

  5. Chip

    As a diehard fan of Awesome Bill from Dawsonville, I find your last sentence to be objectionable. I thought the best Halloween costume I ever saw was the Dukes of Hazzard get up.

  6. Ian

    Chip, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you in a Halloween costume. While the rest of us have sweated it out for years, you have simply stood on the sidelines and offered opprobrium. What say you for yourself?

  7. Salem

    Chip, I will have you know, that I live only minutes from Dawsonville. Of course I visit the outlet mall more often than “Thunder Road”, the NASCAR museum.

  8. Chip

    I certainly don’t put the effort into Halloween I should, but here is a sampling of the costumes I remember. Note that most of them are topical.
    1992: Went as soon to be out of work functionary in the Bush I White House.
    1997: Went as English speaking Canada just weeks after one of those referenda they have up there to vote to allow Quebec to secede.
    1998: Went as Bill Guthridge just three weeks after he got the UNC job.
    2002: Went as Dick Cheney, basically because I was fat, bald and had a nice suit. They funny thing about this is the people in Carrboro actually would really get angry and argumentative with me.
    2003: Went as the Devil.

  9. Ian

    Chip, I take it back. Those are all pretty cool. I do remember you went as “English-speaking Canada” with Laura-Julie, who went as a Quebecois secessionist.

  10. Chip

    Thanks. I was thinking ’97 but I realize now I had the year wrong as the person who went at Quebec had left North Carolina by then?
    Was there a referendum in October 1995?
    I will say I think I did a fine job of representing English speaking Canada from Vancouver to Moncton.


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