New Orleans, Sept. ’01

I quite like my wife. She is pretty awesome.

Ten years ago today she made a solemn pact with herself to change her entire existence for the better, and she has stuck to it, unwaveringly, every moment since. I don’t know if I could ever possess the strength of character she has shown every day of the last decade. I feel as though I have been swallowed whole by my problems, driven to sociopathic insanity by anxiety, obsessed and compulsed by tidbits of arcana, and behaved miserably in the face of greed and affirmation. She has taken something worse and drop-kicked it through the goal posts of life, my friends.

That’s my girl. I love her awfully.

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  1. Chip

    You should love your wife, because as I can say from personal experience, she rocks, rawks, and racques, often at the same time.
    Also, the pictures of you and Tessa today and from Virginia’s wedding are both adorable.

  2. Lyle

    You guys are so fortunate to love and value each other so much. And I must say that although I’ve already wished I could get to know Tessa, as she has become one of the best friends of one of my best friends from UVA, now I’m REALLY intrigued…what was her life like pre-93, and what event or epiphany happened on nov 20 93 to prompt the pact? i wish i could get my mitts on her movie over here, because i bet maybe that sheds light on the topic, but indies are hard to come by in bangkok.

  3. Lyle

    Yay! It’s on Amazon! I will order “Five wives…” to the US address of our next US visitor so they can bring it to me. It’s too late for Virginia because she’s already lying on a Balinese beach sipping drinks with little umbrellas; no one else is lined up yet — anyone out there feel like being my movie courier to Bangkok?


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