The second we drove into the Greater New York, I was swerved into by a truck, given the finger by a taxicab driver, and violently cut off by a bus. This led me to say “God I hate this fucking town” in a quick primal burst, and for those minutes I actually meant it.

I have a very complicated relationship with New York

6 thoughts on “nyfuckingcity

  1. Greg

    On the bright side, spring is just 4 months away and the (basketball) Tarheels won’t lose a game until at least tomorrow night. I don’t know your feelings on soccer, but if you’re a fan, you could revel in the carolina women’s perfect season…
    OK, so finding happiness in watching other people play sports is an artificial form of happiness (if there is such a thing) but when it gets cold outside, the wind picks up, and the gloom factor reaches 9 on the gloom-o-meter, artificial happiness isn’t so bad.

  2. Ian

    Ah, Greg, ’tis true. The basketball season does offer a fabulous opiate against the dreariness. You know, as long as we keep winning a lot.

  3. Sean

    I’m sure you’ve probably had lengthy conversations about it, but you should find out what Tessa loves so much about New York and then find a way to embrace that. I could go on and on about New York, and none of it has anything to do with contacts or finance.
    I don’t know that I’ll be able to raise kids here, but I’m loving every second of being here before that happens.

  4. Chip

    1) Thanks for the hospitality. Thanks also to your lovely, gracious and brilliant wife.
    2) It was only 60 here today and it’s going to be 40 tomorrow.
    3) If it weren’t for a recent and wonderful inconvenience, I’d join you in New York but the Lord works in mysterious ways, as they say.

  5. Greg

    Sean – didn’t you used to have a blog? whatever happened to that? I became accustomed to reading the Williams’ blogs every morning, but lately it’s been a short read with you being awol and michelle lost in CA trying to find herself.
    Entertain me, damnit!
    just kidding, but since I haven’t had an update in awhile, how’s the theatre treating you lately?

  6. ap

    snowing and a bitter wind in Vermont today.
    On the bright side going into tonight’s ACC/Big 11 challenge, the ACC is a combined 31-1. And who is that 1 that besmirches our record? Doooook – basement dwellers that they are.

  7. opera and cookies

    Let’s Go Crazy, Broadway Style!

    nyfuckingcity, the most recent drop in the Face It Thaddaeus, You’re Going To End Up In NYC Bucket. There’s only so much North Carolina can offer me in terms of working in theatre, and there’s even less when it comes…


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