winter solstice


Like Charlie Brown in a black coat, hands in pockets, looking for a tree.

I’ve tried, I just can’t make it work.

Blistering country full of awful people






Why now? Was there a halcyon and we all missed it?

Orange terror, and my family lives in it

Heartbroken, sick, misunderstood

Could we have been working all this time on something nobody will ever see?

Lesser minds reap untold millions

Cruel, arbitrary

Cruel, arbitrary

career in the toilet





Lifted the bat, but too tired to swing

But they are only mirages.

They are apparitions created out of your own insouciance, the carefree finality that descends once you’ve decided to leave a place.

God may punish you by answering your prayers, but he also gives you anything you want once you stop caring.

0 thoughts on “winter solstice

  1. Greg

    Just when I was getting used to there not being a Sunday post – WHAM!
    FWIW, I don’t think the answer is to stop caring. You’re much too talented not to succeed, even though there may be much stacked against you. The challenges thrown at you lately are just a temporary setback that you will overcome.
    Enjoy the holidays and the great family that surrounds you!


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