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Today’s blog is cancelled due to illness. I have developed a stomach flu to go along with the regular flu, thus the drugs

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  1. Jennifer

    Hope you feel better soon! This is going to sound nutty, but try black elderberry extract. Tastes good and kicks the flu in the derriere. Brand name is Sambucol – You can probably find it any health food-type store – probably not at a Harris Teeter-type chain or whatever ya’ll have up there.
    I’m also a big fan of acupuncture, fwiw. I’ve been doing it for almost three months and I’m convinced it works. (My family is merely convinced that I’m a freak.)
    As for the blog, how about the orange roll recipe? I don’t even cook and yet I dream of the day I’ll see it posted.
    Best wishes for a Happy New Year! One that will bring a National Championship, of course…

  2. Bud

    That’s not cheating–it’s a cool idea at any time.
    Okay, I have two ideas: Best place to visit or live; or maybe favorite 80s films.
    I pick Amsterdam and Chapel Hill respectively in the first category (with Anchorage, AK and New Jersey runners up, for completely different reasons).
    As for 80s films, in the respective categories of Comedy, Drama, Action/Adventure and Documentary, I pick A Fish Called Wanda, Platoon, Raiders of the Lost Ark (the first one, of course), and Down and Out in America.
    Oh, and get well soon. I recommend brandy. I’m not sure if it actually helps, but it definitely makes one feel better.

  3. Michelle

    Orange roll recipe might be a good idea, but you’d have to have our mom come over and make them because it’s just not the same if she’s not there.
    And Bud, what about the third Raiders of the Lost Ark movie? Granted, the second one was terrible, but Last Crusade needs some props. By the by, I got Sean the just-released DVD of all three for Christmas. And sadly, we didn’t watch them.

  4. steph

    80’s movie— excuse the cheezinesss but “Dirty Dancing” was right up there with the Breakfast Club era. I can’t believe I own the video but sixteen year-old girls tend to swoon at the song “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”. As an ode to my NEW I-have-no-hair-left-Demi-Moore haircut, the movie GHOST. I really don’t have a thing for Swayze, sheer coincidence.
    Speaking of cooking good food, I have a popular recipe to share too: Onion Soup Mix Dip. 1.)tear soup mix envelope 2.)dump into sour cream container 3.) Mix. 4.) Pour into bowl. Dip carrots, chips, fingers into bowl. Enjoy.
    (Oh yeah, been sick off and on since November with the majority of all who breathe. I now have Vertigo due to what I think is an inner ear infection. Great OTC solution is Dramamine but try not to drive. Meclizine is the Rx choice.)

  5. Bud

    Ya, Last Crusade was good, too! But if I’m picking my single fave 80s adventure flick, then it’s Raiders. Although… I’m not sure if it truly qualifies as Action/Adventure, but have you ever seen To Live and Die In L.A.? One hell of a movie.


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