plate o’ shrimp $2.95


Okay, I’ll bite on the Best Movie of the ’80s thing, even though Korporate Kulture

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  1. Bud

    I like your choices.
    I might have picked Raising Arizona as my favorite 80s comedy–but I keep forgetting it came out in the 80s! The movie hasn’t aged a day.
    I’d probably stick with A Fish Called Wanda anyway (for favorite comedy) because it (still) makes me laugh harder than anything else. Pink Panther movies do me the same way.
    If I had to pick the three 80s movies that most made me who I am, I’d pick My Favorite Year, Repo Man and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
    Can you believe I’ve never seen Real Genius?
    [starts to run out door to local video store, remembers they don’t open until 12, taps fingers on desk and watches clock]

  2. jenn

    Real Genius is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. I currently have a teddy bear named Lazlo and I often wore my sweater tied over only one shoulder in tribute to the great Chris Knight.
    I lluuurve the test-taking montage….and Chris with the quarters and bunny slippers. Ayeee!
    Speaking of 80s, I am eagerly awaiting, drooling on my chin, for the new Tears For Fears (Roland & Curt) single that will be released to radio on Jan. 6, the new album in April, and the world tour. Humenahumena

  3. Salem

    I would like to say that the window/head incident only happened because someone told me to be careful bouncing on the bed, that I might break a window. I take no responsibility for that persons inflamatory comments. Such provocations are irresponsible in a yeagermiester charged environment. By the way, nice plug for the Circle Jerks. I just downloaded Circle Jerks Live on ITunes last week. Keith Morris rules. I felt 16 years old again, headbanging to “Coup D’Etat” in my pick-up with a baby seat in the back. Get excited!

  4. andrew

    you could have tied the first paragraph to the last one with the epic saga by Ed’s Redeeming Qualities called “Lawn Dart” – a great tune.
    “She was pegged in the head by a Lawn Dart,
    her Dad didn’t see her, that’s the worst part,
    now they’re off the shelves at the K-Mart,
    pegged in the head by a Lawn Dart”
    Going to have to dig out that CD tomorrow…

  5. Ian

    Wow, Tears for Fears have a new song coming out? I though those two dudes HATED each other. Roland had a song called “Fish Out of Water” about Curt that was right up there with Lennon’s “How Do You Sleep?” bitch-slap to Paul.
    Salem, you spoke for a generation on that night. Don’t ever forget it.
    Andrew – I think I might have just purchased lawn darts from a guy online. I’ll write about it if it comes through.

  6. kent

    “Let’s get a drink” *buys six pack of black and white cans labeled ‘DRINK’*
    If you want to talk about 80s films:
    “Time Bandits” “Brazil” “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” — Terry Gilliam just plain ruled.
    “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” “Sixteen Candles” “Uncle Buck” “Pretty in Pink”, even “European Vacation” — back before John Hughes started to suck. Did you know there was a “Home Alone 4”? WHY GOD WHY.


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