You know, you can say what you want about New York City; I certainly do. You can talk about the terrorist alerts, the manhole covers being welded shut, the trash bins and mailboxes being carted away, and being frisked every few blocks. You could also complain about the weather, the occasional puddles of urine, the traffic, the noise, the crass commercialism, and the sheer bother of doing anything near the City.

But there’s nothing like New Year’s Eve here with like-minded souls. And here I write, still up after three parties, 7:15am and the sun already risen. We talked movies with Ben Feldman, listened to Isabel Rose sing, commiserated with some of my favorite brothers from Carolina, drank Veuve Cliquot, and waxed lit crit with Virginia Heffernan, Dave Samuels, Linda and S. Metcalf clear until the sun rose a new year over Brooklyn. We are so blessed to be among these people in the real world, and I feel blessed to be among you in the virtual one. Have a great 2004, ok?


clockwise from left: me, Dan Goldstein(yeah!), Alex Yong, Ali Farahnakian, Fred Weller, John Lasala and James Beeler

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  1. CL

    I feel blessed to read your blog each day and remember there are still sensitive and sensible people in the world (esp. with your comment about not turning into a right-winger as you age). Happy 2004 to all!


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