left: Lindsay and me in April 1991; right: Lindsay and me in March 2002

This blog is going out to one of my closest friends in the world, Lindsay Bowen. I don’t know anybody (with the exception of Salem) who maintains a positive outlook on life like he does

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  1. Bud

    A big Pirate Ghost “Arrrrrrrrrrr” to ye!
    Cyber hug. On second thought, make that a flying cyber tackle, followed by a big ‘ol cyber noogie. You are–how do you say? Ah, yes!–the Rock and Roll.

  2. michelle

    Lindsay, the mere sight of you makes me silly with happiness. Of all my surrogate big brothers, (don’t tell anyone) but I adore you the most. Love and tons of good stuff from Northern California. We love you all over the globe.

  3. Piglet

    Let me guess–Ian played Gately, right? Or did they cast against type and make him Natwick instead?
    “Silvio? What’s a seven letter word for hemmorhoidal tissue?”
    “Natwick. N-A-T-W-I-C-K.”


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