lactating the masses


I know every other blogger on earth is talking about this, but I found Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl boob to be among the more refreshingly cynical things to happen in mass American culture in a long time. The weird backpedaling of the Powers That Be notwithstanding, you have to see this as a the ultimate

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  1. steph

    Ian, I like your “Real job” vs. freelance report.. an A+ review of both sides. I do not like the janet-boob happening as being regarded as “wonderful”. Did I read that right? You stuck your middle finger up at me because my conservative-democrat-arse views it as something I don’t want my kids to ever see. I don’t want my son to ever treat a woman like that, whether or not it appears she is asking for it. Isn’t it a little sickening that promoting that skit is saying our country’s talent lies mostly in exploiting sexuality? I wish we could be more creative than that.

  2. Ian

    Yeah, I hear you on the kiddie thing. When and where a parent decides to let their young’uns see their first non-maternal breast is entirely their call. But I mean, come on, it was less than two seconds of actual flesh.
    I thought the whole episode was a sneaky and effective use of fame, spectacle and the subversion of American puritanism. Seriously, everybody (except concerned parents) wins, even the FCC, who get to make a ruckus and seem relevant. And I know you’re not like this, Steph, but a lot of parents LOVE to get to complain about culture.

  3. steph

    parents who see their kids becoming products of their society may seem to LOVE complaining about it but it’s actually a cry for help. Read “Reviving Opehlia” to get some worst case scenarios. I am not worried about the 2 seconds of boob. It’s the whole song and dance around it, the friggin’ theme. Spend some time with some Britney-wannabes and you’ll be censoring your MTV channel in a heartbeat — or at least grumbling about it under your breath.
    I’d rather see a super-bowl halftime show based on someother medium. How ’bout soccer penalty kicks? Some gymnastic routines? I’m so booooring.

  4. shelagh ratner

    How flattering to be mentioned in your blog. Interesting bit of trivia about the Toyota spot: in the director’s cut the Latin hunk actually rips half of my sweater off. Didn’t get by the censors,we can’t all be as lucky as Janet.


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