The Great Cycle of Employment




– constant salary, usually direct-deposited to your bank account

– health insurance

– job security, because they can’t fire you without a marginally good reason

– a different physical space for “work,” allowing you to emotionally compartmentalize

– interaction with other humans

– vague sense of “being on the team”


– 83% of the time it is a soul-crushing, humiliating, festival of boredom

– mandatory supplication at the hands of an angry boss

– arbitrary invective from various other people above you on the pecking order

– dreadful commute

– no freedom with your life until the weekends, when everyone else has their freedom too, meaning long lines and traffic

– vengeful, humorless co-workers

– vague sense that life is passing you by



– freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want

– pick your own projects

– sleep in when tired

– usually involves an art form (writing, photography) you actually enjoy

– occasional windfalls of money from random sources

– vague sense that you are “getting away with it”


– constant dejection from failure to secure gigs

– pennilessness for vast stretches of time

– health insurance that only kicks in if you lose a leg

– not really taken seriously by the rest of the world

– exhausting follow-up calls and emails to potential clients

– vague sense that you want a “real job” after all

Go back to top and repeat.