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This blog’s traffic quadrupled today, thanks to the many fine diarists out there who liked the entry about the anthropomorphic shapes of the United States. A few of you wrote asking me who the hell I am, and where to start with this site. Thus I am being hopelessly self-referential and proffering My Top 25 Blog Entries That Inspired the Most Mail. Most of them don’t have comments yet because I was still on Blogger then. But I guarantee this: the next hour of your time will go by in a heady rush of carbonated entertainment! Please enjoy. Or figure out what’s wrong with me; either will do.

I propose to my girlfriend. This one, thanks to Ev, put me on the map.

I get married. Inspired much well-wishing, as well as a deluge of snarky comments about my tux.

I give thanks to the things that make my life bearable.

My very, very silly resum

0 thoughts on “Top 25!

  1. scotty

    Ahhhhhhh yes, the contractual “greatest” hits package. That wonderful moment in time when johnny-come-latelys overwhelm the ian “hipsters” who have always loved him but never bought enough albums to put a steak on his plate. Why, I remember hearing Ian ranting about Bobby Hurley’s god-like mug at the famous ’94 Cat’s Cradle show (You know, the one where Ian sounded tighter than ever? No? Some fan.) Somebody validate me!!!!

  2. Ian

    Thanks, Johnny and Donna – Donna, your site is awesome.
    And yes, Scotty, time to get a little BBQ and brunswick stew on my plate. What, you think this shit comes free?


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