Top 25!


This blog’s traffic quadrupled today, thanks to the many fine diarists out there who liked the entry about the anthropomorphic shapes of the United States. A few of you wrote asking me who the hell I am, and where to start with this site. Thus I am being hopelessly self-referential and proffering My Top 25 Blog Entries That Inspired the Most Mail. Most of them don’t have comments yet because I was still on Blogger then. But I guarantee this: the next hour of your time will go by in a heady rush of carbonated entertainment! Please enjoy. Or figure out what’s wrong with me; either will do.

I propose to my girlfriend. This one, thanks to Ev, put me on the map.

I get married. Inspired much well-wishing, as well as a deluge of snarky comments about my tux.

I give thanks to the things that make my life bearable.

My very, very silly resum