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I have to keep this short tonight, as I am getting up at the crack of dawn to drive to North Carolina for the Dook game. I must tell you, however, that I met one of my few living idols today: Dean Smith came to Manhattan for an intimate (40 people) taping of CenterStage on the Yes Network, and we were all there. I can’t begin to tell you how much this man has meant to me over the years – and not in the way that college basketball coaches typically hold sway over a fan base – but I’ll leave it until tomorrow to make my case.

Either way, I’m so happy to have finally met the man. He said Tessa’s smile was great. YAY!


Coach Smith, Lindsay and me today on 57th Street (Tessa told me to tell you she took the picture)

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  1. chip

    I really only have two sports heroes….Roger Staubach and Dean Smith…and since it turns out that Roger is close friends with Dubya, Dean moves ahead…Go Dean…Beat Dook!!!

  2. jon

    Shameless self-promotion alert:
    Ian – We shot an interview with Coach Smith back in October that will be airing on our CSTV “Coach” series about a gajillion times, starting Feb. 15. Though I had met Coach briefly many times as a student working in sports information — handing him a stat sheet and so forth (or the time he held the door for ME, entering the SMITH Center), it was the first time I ever really got to talk to him as a “grown-up.” What a great, great guy in all respects. Probably missed his true calling as a minister. And to Chip’s post, most definitely NOT a Bush fan — when I agreed with him about a certain political point he was making off-camera, he said “Oh that’s right, I knew you were a good Tar Heel.”
    I was also present for interviews with Larry Brown and Roy about Coach. (Paraphrased samples – Roy: “I try to do everything the way Coach would do it.” Larry: “I try to do everything the way Coach would do it.”)
    I haven’t been involved in putting the show together since then though, but I think they also got an interview with Vince, and maybe others. Though not on in many places yet, CSTV IS available on DirecTV channel 610, which you-all have up at the farm. Here’s the link for show dates and times: http://www.cstv.com/tvschedule.htm?seriesSel=COACH
    Since CSTV hasn’t yet issued their press release about the Coach Smith episode, I’ll wait to mention the REALLY interesting twist about the show — but call me and I’ll fill you in.
    Oh, and Go Heels.


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