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  1. The Mom

    Weep, yes, but proudly. No. 17 lost to No. 1 by one tiny, lucky point. Those boys played a great game.
    I was cleaning my room in California and watching the scores on the internet, and could hear the cheers and moans from here, even without the picture.
    When these pics went up on Ian’s blog, I wanted to cry at that sea of blue. (And the sight of our beloved Chip, blueing it up with Ian.) You’ve gotta love a campus that can cause a total blue-out in a giant stadium. Thing is, a display like that, partisn though it is, also kind of stands for all that Dean Smith was… is. A great gentleman and a great coach who taught everyone how to behave with grace and dignity and fairness.
    I remember one game where a fight was about to break out with some other team’s over-aggressive players. With a gentle shake of his head and his hands in the “stay cool” position, it took him about ten seconds to silently defuse the situation, and bring the Tarheel players back to the business of playing the game. He even taught us how to lose — or win — with equal elegance and composure.
    I hope the legacy continues.

  2. Sean

    First of all, we lost on an uncontested lay-up by a crappy player. When Duhon turned the corner at half court I yelled out because the lane was wide open.
    Second, speaking for someone who has had terrible skin all his life to someone who had terrible skin all his life, dude, don’t mock JJ’s skin, especially since this kid is the purest shooter I’ve ever seen in college. If he taunts our crowd, let him. I think we’ve proven that being a dookie comes back to haunt these guys. JJ’s headed high speed for a tree by his second or third year in the league. The more glory you bring to Duke, the more God gets you back.
    Third, if we don’t play the first twelve minutes of the first half the way we did, we win by twenty. Even playing 5 on 8.

  3. jon

    Conditioning, as always (even back to Coach Smith’s era), was Carolina’s downfall. Duke used a similarly limited rotation, yet at the end with the game on the line they could slice right through our (non-existent) defense, because UNC had no legs left at all, whereas Duke still did. And if Scott May had any muscle on him whatsoever, he’d be one of the greatest inside players EVER, as opposed to just really really good. There were at least 3 or 4 instances where May had the ball inside with good position, but didn’t have enough bounce in his legs to go up strong with the ball, missing some awful 0-foot jumper instead of slamming it home as a result. Other elite teams are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS in better shape than Carolina’s guys. Why?

  4. jon

    Chip, I mean Chris, is most definitely a cutie, but what’s he lookin’ at in that picture? The future? Or the past? Or the tray of nachos he just knocked over on the floor?

  5. Bud

    Chris, you look great!
    Ian, you look good, too, but you better with long hair. And you’ve now got Thad’s Gleem smile (though yours is warm, not evil).
    God bless y’all, and all the Tar Heels!

  6. Andy

    All the blue did look great but unfortunately it took Chapel Hill Sportswear giving away 9000 shirts to make it happen.
    This team is so freaking close to being great I can taste it. But, DAMN, I hate losing to dook.

  7. Newell Clark

    My name is Newell Clark and I am a friend of Todd Walker’s out here in Santa Barbara and like him I am a trans-planted Tarheel. I have been a fan ever since I was sperm. My initials say it all “NC”. Todd has introduced me to your Blog and with the reading of this entry I just had to say something. Here are a few numbers that might put a smile on your face and I know it upsets every Duke fan.
    We are the second all time winnest team in College Basketball behind Kentucky. We have over 1,780 wins. Duke has just over 1,680. These basically means Carolina could loss ever single game for the next 4 years and Duke would have to win at least 25 games a year during this time to catch up to us. Oh! and by the way they started their program in 1906. Carolina, 1911, we got a late start and they still have not caught up to us. I have more; however, enough for now Duke can keep dreaming. Oh by the way another measure of success is how well a man does professionally. Carolina, NBA Champion Rings, 36+. Duke, 1 (Danny Ferry) and it took a Wake Forest grad to get that one for them (Tim Duncan).
    Go Heels.

  8. Newman

    I think all the Dook fans like to forget the fact that we still own the series by 30 games. I saw your reprinted article in the DTH yesterday and felt it perfectly summarized the difference between the Southern Part of Heaven and the Center for Displaced Prepschool Bitches in Durham. As Charles Kuralt once said, “the difference between Carolina and Duke is that Duke is eight miles away from a great university.”

  9. Lyle

    Erm, perhaps it’s a bit late to weigh in here, but…(this is coming from a female Wahoo for whom hoops is usually peripheral, except during March Madness because she’s married to a dookie [but not a displaced prepschool bitch; he went to a gigantic public skool in ohio, then worked to pay every cent aside from loans of that ridiculous tuition himself, as a landscaper in the dook gardens and as a bartender serving beer to said displaced prepschool bitches]): omigod, Coach K is a rabid Republican?! I had no idea. I don’t think my hubster knew either. Ugh. I have, however, joked about his apparent deal with the devil (or a hidden picture of himself a la Dorian Gray) to keep his face barely aging at all as the years pass. Now I know he really did make a deal with the devil — the Frightening Far Right!

  10. Just Andrew

    I despise Dook – the University of New Jersey at Durham is just plain evil.
    That being said, in taunting those evildoers, a couple of things to get straight. Dook actually had a black player in the ACC before we did – don’t remember his name, but he was on a bench player about 2 years before Dean recruited Charlie Scott.
    And not that it matters, but Dook alums have 2 NBA rings – Mullins got one with Golden State in ’78 I think, still 36-2 ain’t bad.
    Conditioning? Come on, we’re about the best conditioned team in the country – still nobody can sprint for 5 miles (that’s about the amount you’ll run in a game) and still have some left to make shots at the end. The trick for these guys is to learn to pace themselves for the sprint at the end. This theory sounds like it comes from listening to Billy Packer do the broadcast – remember, the man is a Wake alum, strongly dislikes Carolina and his opinions are generally worthless.
    We will be in the final four, not to worry, Roy has been grooming these guys to play his game and it’s 90% mental, the other half is physical (with apologies to Yogi Berra). The first half of the season was learning, now comes the execution.
    Also, if you ever find yourself in a bar with ‘friends don’t let friends drive drunk’ bumper stickers, pull out your pocketknife and amend them to say ‘friends don’t let friends like duke’

  11. Ian

    Are you sure about the black player thing? I thought it was pretty much gospel that Dean brought in the first African American player.

  12. jon

    Andrew – I can assure you my theory that Carolina is not as well conditioned as other ELITE teams most definitely does NOT come from listening to Billy Packer. That guy is an absolute jackass who should have been taken off the air 10 years ago, and I pay no attention whatsoever to anything he says. My observation about the chronic poor conditioning (again, relative to other ELITE teams, not relative to you or me or Ian) comes from a) watching nearly 20 years of Carolina basketball on a regular basis, b) observing first-hand the lumpy physique and demeanor of a former long-time Carolina basketball conditioning coach, and c) watching other top teams. Have you ever watched a Rick Pitino-coached COLLEGE team? His guys always over-achieve because they are always in better condition than their opponents. They run longer and harder — or perhaps, correctly as you say, are smarter about pacing themselves for the endgame — but isn’t that really just a matter of semantics?
    Indeed, viewed from afar, it seems to me that Roy Williams’ Kansas’ teams were generally also in great shape and generally out-ran and out-hustled their opponents. For this reason, I believe the Heels will eventually get to that same point, but not with this particular group of individuals this year, because they did not buy into that particular commitment of effort in the offseason. And though I haven’t read a single press conference transcript this year, my guess is that Coach Williams himself would tell you the exact same thing.

  13. jon

    Sorry, I just can’t let this Billy Packer thing go. The reason I say he’s an absolute jackass is because I think he’s an arrogant schmuck who considers himself bigger than the game. Say what you will about Vitale, who now annoys me no end, but I’ll take his self-deprecating manner and honest passion for the game any day over the smug and self-satisfied Packer. That said, I do not think Packer particualrly hates Carolina, nor do I think he plays favorites any more or less than other announcers. Having resided the last 14 years in SEC and Big East country and making my living working in college sports media, I can tell you with certainty that he is widely reviled in other non-North Carolina parts of the country for being an ACC apologist. Since Carolina appears on CBS more than any other league team except perhaps Dook, when these SEC and Big East fans complain about Packer loving the ACC at the expense of their teams, they’re complaining because they specifically think he’s a UNC *lover*, NOT a UNC hater who favors Wake, a team which infrequently appears on CBS. If what you say is true about Packer hating Carolina, how could these millions of other fans think the exact opposite?
    Easy. It’s the same way that every home fan at every college game ever played thinks that the refs are against their team. Packer isn’t against (or for) Carolina, he’s just a turd on his own merits, plain and simple. So my opinion about Carolina’s conditioning comes not as someone wearing Carolina Blue-goggles (though I certainly can be guilty of that at times), but as someone who makes an honest effort to view the non-partisan big picture relative to what’s going on in other programs, where I *believe* I often see guys with less natural ability playing harder, faster and better than Carolina’s supposedly Blue Chip guys at the end of games. Also, Dook sucks.
    Was Charlie Scott perhaps the first *scholarship* African-American player in the ACC, but not actually the first African-American team member?

  14. jon

    For some reason, I just can’t resist piling on. Apologies to all.
    First, more on Packer: His real genius, if you want to call it that, is that he can call a game, and afterwards fans of BOTH teams will think he was *against* their team. To accomplish that, he’s a special kind of prick, for sure. In fact, he’s the Howard Cosell of modern-day college basketball. People watch *because* they hate Packer. He arouses emotions, which increases, or at least holds, viewership. And I suspect that CBS Sports executives, being generally pretty intelligent, recognize this fact and that’s why they leave him in his seat as their #1 color guy. And as long as he doesn’t refer to anybody as a “monkey” on a national broadcast viewed by 25 million people, he’ll probably stay there. In other words, Andrew, when you write Packer off as “anti-Carolina” you’re being played by The Man and don’t even realize it.
    Now, back to conditioning. I just did a Google search for “Roy Williams” and “conditioning.” Here’s a direct quote from Roy from the first paragraph of the first link returned, which was his press conference on 11/13/03, i.e., early this season:
    “I was very discouraged at one point because I thought we were giving in and we were a little tired and I tried to convince the guys that it

  15. Just Andrew

    Guess I touched a nerve…
    Charlie Scott may have been the first scholarship player – if you google around you can find info on the dukie.
    Billy Packer used to be a great announcer – he and Al McGuire were a fantastic team and Packer was confined to play-by-play – they were a joy to listen to. Then CBS in their infinite wisdom decided they could do better by splitting them up and Packer started doing the color and has sucked ever since. I’d rather listen to McGuire decomposing. Even in his last year on the air when senility was seriously coloring about half his commentary, he was always spot-on. I’ll never forgive him for 1977, but he was a great one.
    OK, now back to the conditioning – 7 guys play for us – they account for all but 4 minutes of each game and they are playing agressive, switching man D, running at every opportunity – it’s too much to ask.
    At Kansas, Roy always had more players to play – even under Self this year their top 9 guys average less minutes than our top 7 combined – same holds true for Pitino at Louisville.
    Pitino perfected 40 mintues of Hell and does it with a deep rotation AND various matchup zone full court presses – this allows his players to rest – 1 out of every three possessions off a made basket (press opportunity) you don’t have to get back behind half court – this means less running (Gary Williams also does this when he has faster, deeper teams – they run about 14 different presses).
    No additional amount of conditioning will make our top 7 able to last longer – they are playing Roy’s game and leaving it all on the floor, which I’m tremendously proud of (and if I hear one more word about McCants slouching on D, whomever utters it is going to get a prepared 45 minute diatribe on why he’s going to go down as one of the top 5 players to EVER play at UNC). The problem is that we’re out of gas before the game ends – Roy is teaching them to pace themselves – look back at the Virginia and NC State games to see where we slacked off for a while until Raymond said ‘go’ with 15 mintues left. That’s our near future and with it we can beat anybody.
    Sorry ’bout the Packer comment – it’s a good one to pull out to see who you’re talking to – I’ve been hearing this conditioning crap all year and just don’t buy it – the numbers don’t add up.
    My other favorite comment to find out how much people know is to say ‘yeah, and I bet when you watch a game your eyes follow the ball too’ – the way people answer that one tells tomes.

  16. jon

    Now those are some pretty solid arguments.
    A couple counterpoints though:
    * Without having looked at the stat sheet from the other night, didn’t Dook’s starters play very comparable minutes and yet have fresher legs at the end?
    * One of the beauties of Pitino’s success is that he often goes deep into his bench to achieve his style regardless of whether those bench guys are considered “good” players or not — proving that even a mediocre player in great shape can make important contributions. Hell, he took a Kentucky team to the Final Four with a starting five that consisted of Jamal Mashburn and four insurance salesmen-in-training (well technically, at least one is a coach now, and one is the Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture. But still).
    Doesn’t UNC have a few of those mediocre-but-fit guys on the bench that Roy could use more often if their intensity and commitment was such that they could give a few minutes of great defense, and not hurt us too bad on offense? I’ll pretty much guarantee you (again not bothering to research, sloppy on my part) #9 and 10 on UNC’s bench were more highly thought-of coming out of high school than whoever #9 and 10 are at Louisville this year. But I’ll also give you the no-research gurantee that #9 and 10 at Louisville are getting more minutes.
    * Al McGuire was senile for, like, the last 10 years he was on the air, but I still couldn’t help but like him. Now that Dick Enberg has joined him in the Senility Hall of Fame, I just cringe ever time I hear the poor guy try to say something. A nice, nice man, but he can’t pull off the senility like McGuire could because a) he does play by play, and b) he doesn’t have the wacky persona that McGuire had.
    * For what it’s worth, when I watch football, my eyes ALWAYS follow the ball. Then again, on telelvision you don’t have too much choice since you can’t see what’s happening downfield anyway. And somehow, in spite of the fact that you can’t see half of what’s happening, football is the most popular sport on telelvision. Why is this?

  17. Just Andrew

    Actually I only remember seeing 7 Duke players the whole game – their bench really only goes as deep as Randolph and Dockery – I don’t think Horvath even got in the game. That being said, I don’t think they had any more gas in the tank than we did – both teams played a hell of a game – we did screw up giving Duhon an uncontested layup, but then so did they – Williams got a wide open look at a three – had it gone it, totally different story.
    UK in 93 had an amazing run – I think if Michigan hadn’t beaten them, they would have beat us. But to quote Roy it was all ‘fools gold’ – the first few games of the tourney they rained threes and couldn’t miss – that’s not conditioning, that a stroke of great luck. Remeber the regional final vs a solid Wake team? I think it was 34-6 before KY missed a shot.
    Bottom line for me is that Roy’s system works and his players love him and love to play in his system, but these guys have been at it for less than a year – it’s starting to come together and the tough lessons being learned right now are especially hard on us fans, who just want W’s.


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