another road trip, another loss


One thing about having a blog with actual readers is that you find yourself becoming uncomfortably aware of your audience. Back in the beginning of my online diary life, I didn’t post any pictures, I waxed rhapsodic about the sexual problems Celexa was giving me, and I was occasionally content to fall asleep half-way through writing it. I’m humbled and stunned by the fabulous people that show up here, but you realize that it has made it a lot harder to talk about shoving suppositories up my ass while driving, don’t you?

I ask these questions because occasionally you’re going to hear me squawk on about the University of North Carolina Men’s Basketball Team, and to many of you, it’s a subject that you

a) don’t understand

b) understand, but don’t care

c) understand, and root for another team

d) don’t understand and don’t care

…which I totally grok, dudes. Sure, my boys Andy, Andrew, Jon, Tanya, Chip, Steph and Greg will probably not skip paragraphs