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We live in a turbulent time, when Stuff Matters, and most of the Stuff coming down the pike is BAD. In midst of all the killing, the lying and the cynicism, one weekend of luminescence is shining through this formerly great land of ours, and its source lies on the steps of City Hall in San Francisco.

Tessa’s best friend Jason

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  1. Alan

    I was quite pleased last summer to get to take part in preparing the internal memo that said “yup, we issue”. Under our law it is a no-brainer constitutionally. They were just waiting for the right case to come along. And you know what? Family values appear to be intact. So, one question – is a San Fran licence now cooler than an Ontario one?

  2. michelle

    I’m at work in St. Helena, CA, following what I can online to see what’s happening in San Fran, knowing that Tess et all are there waiting on the steps of City Hall. I just read your blog, Ian, and I’m trying to stop bawling before the hordes arrive to taste wine. I’m so proud of the people who made this happen, so deeply happy and for once, satisfied that something good is happening just a few miles away.

  3. Ian

    Moral Tourism! Excellent!
    We will be in SF a little bit after your sojourn, sadly, but I heard a rumor you were coming to New York.
    Marriage update (as of 12:45pm Monday EST): Lee, Suzanne and Tessa are in line at City Hall, where they are about to hand out 400 numbers for the marriage certificates. Here’s hoping they get invited into the Willy Wonka factory.

  4. Jason (a/k/a one of the Grooms)

    Ian – thank you for writing and for posting so many of our pix. I picked up Tessa and Lee and Suzanne at the airport at midnight and got them to a rental car last night. We spoke 15 minutes ago (10:30 AM PST) and they are within a quarter block of the City Hall steps. They will get in by early afternoon. We shall overcome, two by two by two…
    It was truly thrilling to be a part of this most joyous expression of civil disobedience. It’s rare that doing the right thing also feels so wonderfully, personally fulfilling. And, yes — no matter what some judge says tomorrow –Tim and I are most assuredly married.
    So that’s the personal part. Indulge me in the political for a sec. Folks, if you’re reading this, I implore you to contact your elected officials at every level of government to speak out on behalf of these marriages. Urge them to LOUDLY oppose the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment as the horrific piece of fascism that it is. If you’re straight, point that out. (Let’s face it, you guys have more pull.)
    I have no doubt that we will EVENTUALLY do the right thing and legalize these marriages. I’d just prefer that it be sooner rather than later. Again, thanks for celebrating with us, Ian.

  5. steph

    Isn’t it true that not all conservatives are anti-gay but most anti-gay people are “conservative”? That’s the trouble with labels…..

  6. Kmeelyon

    Hello Ian, you don’t know me, but I’m an old aquaintance of Tessa’s from UNC-Chapel HIll, and I live in Oakland, California. What a lovely surprise it was to be at City Hall in SF this afternoon to witness the marriage of my dear friends, and then to look across the room and see Tessa (whom I’d last seen somewhere about 1989). Amazing. Even more so, Suzanne is another long lost friend of mine from my college days. I nearly fell over when I realized that the “Suzanne,” whom Tessa was there with was my old friend Suzy. Absolutely amazing. Of course, in all the rush of emotions and activity, I didn’t get any photos or them, nor did I exchange any contact info. So I got on the net when I came home so I could try to find everyone again. So hello, hello, and please do facilitate my re-connecting…

  7. jeanmarie

    What an amazing moment…so happy for all and will do my best to make it known that I am for same sex marriage and all the rights that should be included…
    Congratulations to Jason and Tim and hopefully Lee and Suzanne…


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