the magic of analog!


You know, sometimes both the mundane and the magical can be enjoyed in equal doses: tonight, at 2am, I was able to go to Walmart and purchase a decent VCR for about $38. The reason? I mean, besides the fact that our long-term apartment has no VCR or turlet paper? Because Lee Coggins and Suzanne Robinson got married yesterday and now Lee is going to be on this morning’s Today show on NBC. So if you’re up and reading this between 7 and 10am (on either coast), switch on NBC and find out why we all dig her so much.

Now this is all cool for several reasons. I should mention that VCRs were considered magical by me and my sister and brothers, as there was no such thing when we were kids. When “Wizard of Oz” came on, you sat and bloody well watched it, because there was no “renting” to be done. Our first VCR was a top-loader my dad bought for $400, and it had a WIRED REMOTE. That’s right, a black cable snaked its way across the room and into your hand, and it would only “play” and “stop.” Now I can waltz

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  1. michellega

    Ian, you don’t need to kiss boys. They are smelly, but smelly in the right way. And if it’s not right for you, no worries, folks like me will take care of that. I’ve often thought the same- I’m gonna kiss a girl just cuz I CAN! But just cuz I can doesn’t mean I want to.


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