look homeward angel


And I thought my internet dial-up was bad yesterday… today we find ourselves at a Days Inn in Glen Burnie, Maryland, where they were proud not to have any decent internet access, as though they were “keeping it real.” Apparently they do have a Business Center where you can mimeograph your stolen Russian documents, but only if the water generator is working.

Leaving Chapel Hill today was very difficult, and not just because I kept forgetting shit under the bed. It was nearly 70 degrees, one of those glorious hints of spring that burst out in the winter months like a dandelion through cracks in the concrete. It snowed two days ago, and it will freeze again on Tuesday, but those 2-day stretches of bliss go a long way to vaccinate your tolerance against the vicissitudes of a horrible winter.

I have a very long, deep, complicated relationship with Chapel Hill, which was basically my girlfriend for 13 years. Each visit takes on another flavor of nostalgia, waves of anger, moments of ecstasy, and various hues of melancholia. This particular trip was totally awesome, as I was able to do the things I love most: commiserate with some incredible human beings, play hoops with Chip, eat BBQ pork at Mama Dips, shrimp and grits at Crook’s, watch three Carolina basketball games in person, and do a night’s worth of writing in Davis Library.

Thomas Wolfe was right, but he didn’t live long enough to be wrong