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  1. chip

    You know, the next time the Canucks go on about what ignorant barbarians we Yanks are, I’m going to remember that quote from Avril Levinge. She and Alanis are embarrassments to the 51st state.
    Tune in tomorrow to see what country I’ll insult on Ian’s blog. Early pesos are on something in South America, except I love those crazy hats made out of fruit that the ladies wear down there.

  2. cullen

    My sister lives in Charlotte and is a Sex and the City devotee like most women I’ve overheard lately (I’m on a leave all spring semester from teaching to be home with the young’uns, so my status as lone dad dropping off and picking up from daycare, etc. has made me privy to numerous dynamic discussions about the season finale.) Too bad that they couldn’t do something to avoid further propagating stereotypes about southerners. Maybe it’s just too cute that Charlotte met some people from Charlotte. Ain’t it ironic, don’t ya’ll think.
    Now I know why my parents never travel abroad (that would be over state lines) without proudly carrying their “funny hillbilly teethpieces” that my dentist Uncle Ted lab-fashioned for them. You gotta go with the flow. If you sound like a redneck to most of the world, why not play it over the top.
    My first advanced girlfriend was from Advance. Go Davie High!

  3. Jennifer

    Uh, Davie High, Class of ’90. Former resident of Advance (albeit only for about 2.5 years, with a year off in the middle to live in France as an exchange student). Advance was a nice place to live if you dig tiny, sleepy Southern towns where everybody knows everybody. But it’s not exactly the first place I’d think of when considering rednecks (how about Gastonia?). They have their fair share like everybody else in NC, but there are also a lot of affluent families who choose to live in Davie County (most residents talk about the county as a whole) and commute into Winston-Salem, for various reasons.
    And now I live in Charlotte. And I like it. Yes, it’s everything you described for the most part, but it’s a good life here. Brightlights/bigcity isn’t for everyone. Some of us like big “small” towns.
    Of course, like you, we have our getaway place – a condo up in dear old Chapel Hill. ;-)
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  4. steph

    yeah, that’s pretty retarded that the SATC writers chose a major city as the residence of the portrayed rednecks. Charlotte is so soccermomville from the time I have spent there.
    Everytime I hear Tweetsie Railroad I think of tootsie roll trains.
    RE: Kate Bush. After hearing on MTV that Kate Bush influenced every other musician I had to hear this woman. I didn’t “get” the craze but maybe I bought the wrong album, though “Babooshka” was pretty cool.
    RE: Avril diggin’ Alanis. Didn’t Alanis get crucified in 1994 for her misuse of ‘irony’? Because Avril would have been in Grade 3 or 4 or something like that and most kids that age can’t think abstractly. I’m not deliberately defending the skaterpunk girl, I’m just sayin’.

  5. cullen

    I actually knew no rednecks from Davie County, only denizens of Bermuda Run, a mini-enclave on the scenic mudbanks of the Yadkin River with vistas of North Carolina’s Tanglewood. Quite posh indeed.
    Properly pronounced and appropriately ‘accented’ though, this town rings and resonates with potentially circuitous southern roots as much as its county seat’s name, Mocksville.
    (Insert sound card here of any sweet tea loving character proclaiming ADvance, North Carolina as the hometown of Misty Moffett, reigning Ms. North Carolina).
    I’d have to consult my map, but I could almost bet ADvance, NC has a sister-city of sorts in PROgress, NC, complete with resident redneck or few.
    “Holler Back(woods) Ya’ll….”

  6. Annie

    Whoa–weird! No (or, yes, in a way), I’m Ann Humphreys from Governor’s School West! Chorus! 2nd Soprano! Drop me an email: ahumph27510 at yahoo dot com – and tell me how you’re doing…


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