A 74mph fairy tale


Did I ever tell you I wrote a novel? Well, I did. I can say that, and it would be true.

I highly recommend writing a novel, or completing any huge, unfathomable work of art, because it will cure you of the notion that “you don’t have it in you.” During the two years when I was writing, I kept on telling myself “just think about how good it will feel to write the last sentence,” and I was right

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  1. Kmeelyon

    Somehow this reminds me of the recent pain I encountered a couple of months ago. This past year, I decided to participate in Nanowrimo http://www.nanowrimo.org/index.php. Nevermind that I didn’t complete my novel. I made a nice start on Liner Notes, which was a whole lot of musings on the music in my life and the stories that revolved around the soundtrack of my life. Then, two months ago, I was returning to SF from Miami, Florida, where I’d been visiting my mother. I decided to browse in an airport bookstore and look for some reading material for the plane. I glanced at the bookshelf and had to do a double-take. Right there on the top shelf was a book called Liner notes. It was a novel about a woman who takes a cross country trip to visit a friend and writes about her musical memories. I suddenly felt weak and a bit sick to my stomach. And I haven’t quite recovered, actually.

  2. Ian

    Hey, how was Nanowrimo? I like structured ideas like that.
    I have many stories of people getting rich off ideas I had 5 years before. It makes you feel just awful. Nothing quite describes it.

  3. Kmeelyon

    Nanowrimo didn’t quite take off for me this year. I had just been fired (for the first time ever!) from my post-doc position and thought I’d get even with the bastards by writing my Great Novel. Turns out I felt too depressed and unfocused to really make much progress. So, it never quite got off the ground. (The nice thing is that just today, I was offered a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University. Whoop! Take that, lame-o postdoc supervisor! Vengeance is mine!) Anyway, I also love the whole structured writing idea and the fact that you can have a whole community of people to whine with about the experience. I want to follow through with it sometime soon. I have focused my recent efforts on publishing my dissertation, and now that I’ve finished that, I’m ready for something creative. But having your idea(s) scooped sucks some serious ass.


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