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Some years ago, my Mormon cousins – the Worsleys – sent us a Christmas card featuring all the daughters in the family. It was 1991 on the East Coast, meaning it was still 1986 in Utah – so the sheer volume of hair care products was something to behold. The next Christmas, Sean, Michelle and I sent a card back to them.

I include both here because some things are too good not to share.



Merry Christmas, Everybody!

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  1. The Mom

    Interestingly enough, I just went to a shower for a now twenty-something and pregnant Melissa (Worsley girls, front row, left) who now has waist-length very dark brown hair. She was the only one of the Worsley girls at the baby shower, mostly because the rest were in Utah, but here’s an update: Buffy (aka Elizabeth, front row R) long ago grew all her front teeth in, is twenty or so, longlegged, and gorgeous, still blond. (L-R top row) Jennifer has two adopted kids and lives (in her natural brunette hair) in (Lordy!) Lancaster, California, with her artist husband; Janna has four kids and is pregnant; Michelle has five kids and is blond again; Wendy, dark brunette, has a new baby (her first). All the girls presently have very straight Jennifer Garner (or Aniston) hair. Wait, I take that back. I think Janna still has Utah bangs to heaven, but then I haven’t seen her for awhile. But (note your sister’s hair in the bottom picture) that moment in time was ruled by long, wild, Renaissance Angel curls.
    Even *I* had a waist length spiral perm that year, if you remember. Ah, the late 80s… All that synthesized curly hair and all that synthesized music. What were we THINKING?

  2. Bud

    Round One of the Battle of the Bangs goes to Utah!
    I dunno, maybe if you got matching outfits… but the sheer power of all that *HAIR*.
    I mean…
    Wow. Comedy gold.

  3. cullen

    Something about both groups seems to say “we can sing in harmony together”, be it the no-frizz sextuplets on an obviously not-too-humid day or the trainfully teased trio in photo-rebuttal. Look out all Osmonds far and wide. By the by, what year does that make it in Utah now?


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