laissez les bon temps tombez


New Orleans, LA

We were pretty excited about this trip: we bought a trailer hitch for the Prius and strapped our skis on the back, and hoped for the best! Here we are, about to head South!


Of course you know why we were stoked – we were going to travel deep into the Bayou to fulfill a lifelong dream. That’s right, we were going to Ski New Orleans!

Yes, yes, we heard that there was some good food down there, and some occasional drinking on Bourbon Street, but we were going to stay focused and ski what we believed to be one of the premiere runs in America: The French Quarter.

Here’s Tessa unloading our skis at our “lodge”: The Cornstalk Hotel!


After spending a few days on the slopes, I admit my buzz is totally crushed. The snow SUCKS here! There don’t seem to be many lifts, and the runs are terrible. And people keep telling yelling at Tessa to “show her tits!”

This has been the worst vacation ever. I am going to have words with that travel agent. That’s one $3,850 check I’d like to have back!


0 thoughts on “laissez les bon temps tombez

  1. kevin

    The cornstalk.. what a cool place. I usually stay at The Frenchman when there. It’s a little funkier, but the area is very cool. Check out Cafe Brazil while you are there on Frenchman Steet. Best dance bar in town.

  2. jon

    Ya know what I like best about the intermittent pictures of Tessa in your posts? It’s that 8 times out of 10, she’s got that “Maybe if I just humor him this one last time he’ll stop taking so damn many pictures” smile on her face.


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