fox hunting


So Lyle seems to think that I have gone from Breezy Traveler to High Stakes Hollywood Player, and it has reminded me how a blog can sometimes be very poor at communicating the bigger eras in your life. Sure, you get to hear my lugubriation on Hall & Oates, but I forget to tell you the forest from the trees.

First off, in my defense, a lot of freelance work is like having crushes

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  1. kent

    Glad you’re kinda-sorta having fun. The funny (not funny haha) thing about it is this: the narrative of Going To Hollywood And Making It Big is at this point more compelling than most of the narratives actually presented on television. No wonder it shows up as the theme of a lot of television and movies…

  2. Lyle

    ohhhhhh, so that’s what’s going on. how exciting! good on ya, mate! and same goes for tessa. you hadn’t sounded as if you suddenly fancied yourself a high-stakes hollywood player, but your recent activities certainly veered from, say, musing on 80s mormon hairstyles. (i hope chopin is back on his feet and frolicking about in LA’s mild weather.)

  3. Tamara

    Congratulations! Welcome back to Los Angeles. In case you forgot, traffic is bad week days after 4:30p and Fridays after 3p. The morning drags on until 10:30a and no one seems to be actually going to work, or coming from work, just driving around during rush hour, because, after all, it’s rush hour.

  4. oliver

    I’m with Kent. Along with the blog, could live-film what you’re up to as a kind of real-TV thing? Like “Survivor Hollywood” or something? Then we could call in and vote on your casting decisions, pick the famous people for you to schmooze with as well as the lines you use as you approach them. I’d say something about connecting you to a joy stick, but I’m sure someone would take it the wrong way.

  5. eliza-bee ti-dy

    i have 17 months left to land a sitcom? lets hope it involves moody teens and funky socks; i’ve got plenty of those. but enough about what i’m not doing, you guys are incredible! you’re so inspiring i’ve begun chanting “what would tessa and ian do” in my anxiety-riddled slumberings. i was thinking of selling WWTAID bracelets. yes?
    best wishes, and bring it on, fox!


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