3 miles high and rising



in the gondola, about 11,400 ft. above sea level, Aspen

Things I Did Today

– woke up at 5am with my face on fire, because I didn’t use sunscreen yesterday on Snowmass Mountain; pain is so bad that I can’t turn my head more than 15 degrees in either direction

– took full Benadryl, slept until 11am, then hopped on the gondola to meet Wendi and Alex Yong. Still unable to move face

– wiped out going down Pump House run, slid backwards on my head for about 200 feet (over moguls), coming to rest in Alex’s gentle arms

– at the last second, my skis crossed while getting onto F.I.S. Ski Lift; the lift dragged me by the ass for 10 seconds, then dropped me from 15 feet onto a pile of mud

– I became “that guy,” you know, the one that stops the lift for 5 minutes to make sure I’m not dead

– undeterred, I do my first black diamond mogul run, and DON’Y EAT SHIT EVEN ONCE!

– left Aspen at 4pm, drove 85 mph through the Virgin River Gorge, reached Las Vegas at 1am PST.

– check into the oldest, crappiest hotel on the strip (the Sahara) and begin a massive rewrite of my Fox TV script, which has a reading tomorrow (actually today) night

– body wrecked, face afire, eyes searing, I write this blog and fall aslee

)*&#*()I :M zzzzzzzzzz

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