redemption and redefinition


Have I ever told you how bad life was, circa 1997-2000, in the Beachwood house in Los Angeles? In one of my first blog entries ever, way back in 2001, I was still so post-traumatic about the place that I said some things I shouldn’t have said (but I like the writing, so it remains in the archives). What that entry fails to radiate is that I was just as much a shitbag as everyone else.

Case in point: the second week I moved in, I put up a basketball court on the back patio, about 20 feet from the bedroom of Xander Berkeley, one of the most respected working actors around. When I was depressed, which was about 17 hours a day, I used to go back there and shoot foul shots until I worked Xander into a furious froth, and then the two of us would scream at each other across the fence.

I was still in some sort of narcissistic haze, convinced that my woes were epic and had to be sated by hitting 37 foul shots in a row (my record) or else I’d surely sink into the ground. Conversely, Xander had paid good money for his house and was suddenly beset with seven crazy, post-grad morons living next door, and he wasn’t terribly thrilled. After he and I reached a compromise early on, I spent the next two years trying in vain to keep my housemates from screeching outside after 4am.

Okay, so flash forward to late 2000. I’ve escaped from Los Angeles, and the first week I’m in New York, I write a 24 Hour Play that is brilliantly performed by my brother Sean, fellow Beachwood refugee Seth, and a fabulous young woman named Sarah Lively. We all get along so well that Sarah joins Sean and Seth again for an evening of 3 one-acts called “Wine, Women and Song.” Sarah then reads the Pink House script, loves it, and we plan a reading.

Suddenly, Fox flies her to Los Angeles, where she gives one of the greatest auditions ever, and lands the role of Nina on the hit show “24.” On the pilot episode, she meets

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  1. rhonda

    after my “crash” of ’92 pretty much on the eve of ’93 my doctor told me to think of it as ‘post tramatic’. I actually stayed crashed and pretty much in the the fetal position for mmm..two months at my folks home in Oregon with my grandmother there to help watch over me. My husband was told to “carry on” as i’d told him to “hit the bricks”… my emotional pain had become physical, life was ugly and I was evil. Good family, very good husband, incredible friends and some wise doctors put me back together again. And I too was allowed redemption and redefinition… a wonderful thing is it not. Unfortunately with my families history and genetic predisposition, I knew it was the start and not the end of this henious affliction. I’m soon to be 38 and i’ve taken on the emotional age of my just turned 40 husband… at 40 i’m going to be who i am, do what i want, be happy and damn well enjoy! so bravo on last night – i can pull that feeling up in a heartbeat.

  2. CL

    Funny how things have a way of working out. And not without some pain along the way. This entry is like a sigh of relief. I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

  3. chip

    Does anyone remember that VW commercial set in New Orleans…the one that ends with Sarah Clarke turning to the guy and saying “Weird”…or maybe it was the other way around…anyway, I remember than commercial.

  4. Ian

    Yep, Sarah was in that Jetta commercial in New Orleans. And Dave, that shirt was on sale at American Eagle Outfitters or whatever they’re called. It’s really really really thin cotton, which is nice because I run at about 107 degrees at all times. I bought two. “Flannel grows up” = brilliant


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