curtain up



We opened tonight to a preview crowd, and I have to say, I underestimated how exciting these things really are. It reminded me of all the best parts of high school, when we put on “Camelot” and strange new talents were discovered among our quieter friends.

I’ve just returned from a couple of tequila shots, a jack & coke, and the remnants of a Goldschlager (horff) with a bunch of the other actors, so I’m not going to be typing much longer, but I am truly happy to be surrounded by talented people. As you age, you begin to realize those moments are more rare than you think. Simply put, most people can’t do their jobs. When you meet somebody who can, you must embrace them and sing their praises to the heavens.

I am thankful for Salem’s steaks, Ann’s poetry, Tessa’s writing, Lindsay’s producing, Sean’s acting

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