where Rockefellers walk with sticks



I think you’d have to call tonight a success. Everyone loved the entire evening, and my play went over like gangbustahs, I tellya. Pictured: me, Spencer, Mary Kay, Tony, Jess, Joe and Geoff


You could throw six hundred ping-pong balls into a revolving basket and never come up with the talent of this cast. Pictured with me is the lovely and hilarious Sian (who is complaining about her chins AS YOU READ THIS), and my closest Fox Exec confidante and fabulous new friend Jen


Tessa was going to wear a Little Black Dress, but I talked her into this floral number. Nobody works the room better


I got to buy a Banana Republic suit with the insurance money we’re getting from our great Fedex swindle, but I still had to ride my bike to the show. One of these days we’ll take a hybrid limo, and they’ll roll out the red carpet, but for tonight, we’ll take our little victories and sleep with exhausted euphoria.

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  1. Ian

    Kevin- Yep, those bikes are from Jax in Long Beach. They were awesome. Anyone on the West Coast should go there – but if you’re on the East Coast, go to The Spin Cycle in Cary.


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