The important thing, of course, is that my brother Sean is getting married to Jordana on Saturday. Friday we’ll have the rehearsal dinner, and the next day it’s 23-skidoo up to Yonkers to celebrate their matrimonial bond in what promises to be an entertaining mix of my bizarre family and Jordana’s Long Island Jewish ancestry. I figure it will rock.

We came back from Los Angeles this week in order to help, but as I know from our own wedding, one of the prime ways to be of service is to stay the fuck out of the way, and be on time when called. Our wedding was compared to a movie shoot, while Sean’s compares his to Opening Night on a big play, and the two aren’t that much different. I think you could plop a Wedding Planner into the producer’s chair of “Scrubs” and they’d run the show fine.


above: Laurie W., George G. and Tessa; below: us on Park Ave.


I went into the city today to find a good shirt for the dinner, play basketball (terribly, as it turned out), then went back home to help Tessa with the “This is Your Life in Pictures” video that accompanied every Mormon wedding we ever knew (and was sadly missed at our own nuptials). What we’ve discovered is that there is a dearth of pictures of Sean & Jordana together, yet hours of footage of them in different movies. We’re going to give them a little trip down Mem’ry Lane, and yes, there will be FULL FRONTAL NUDITY of not just Jordana, but her sister too!

I suppose it’s an interesting line between a heartwarming wedding video and kiddie porn, but we’re willing to walk that tightrope. For the family.

Oh, and for those of you wondering where Lord Chip Chapman has been this week, he has been ruling the court at Mulberry Street Garden:


Lindsay, Chip, Scotty, me

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  1. Just Andrew

    wait, what happened to the music talk…
    will there be a Klezzmer band at the wedding?
    I love Klezzmer – the only kind of music that makes me want to dance.


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