to be, rather than “to seem”


Let’s have a little fun, shall we? Time to ask our periodical question, namely: How Are You Web Users Finding My Blog? The statistics page keeps a blindingly granular count of every single method the hoi polloi uses to find their way here, so let me print this month’s current top search terms:


I could have cut and pasted it, but frankly, I don’t need anyone else coming to this blog looking for “hard f*cking.” And yes, I’m using asterisks to keep this particular entry from being Googled to death.

First off, this site seems to be the repository for the best picture of the human bra*in, based on a migraine I had, like, two years ago. Glad to be of service. Also, I’ll let on that I know how Tina F*y got her scar, but I’m not telling any of you, despite how much the fine folks at Gawker want to know.

Nice to find out my own name is beat by Tina’s mishap, but also cool to see old pal L*urie Dhue from Fox News (and loyal Tar Heel) getting nice numbers. As for “lact*ting,” I get the feeling there’s some fetishists in the house. Speaking of which… pictures of women wearing one sh*e? Are you kidding?

Some sad entries – the Rimadyl stuff, which I’ve already covered, and Sp*lding Gray’s last trip into the East River. And if people come here looking for wasabi powder, I wouldn’t mind someone telling me where they found the good stuff.

Too cute for words: the music to “Happiness” from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” (a song I sang with Billy Crudup onstage at Carolina, mind you) and of course, that vixen Sarah Jessica Parker in a pair of over*alls. What could be better?

Oh yeah – leave Mr. Marcarelli and Ms. Hofeld out of your fantasies, please. Both are fine TV presences, good old friends, and might be creeped out by the amount of Googling you’re doing. Go back to wearing one shoe and taking pictures.

And have a great weekend!

0 thoughts on “to be, rather than “to seem”

  1. Tanya

    Ian Darling,
    VERY creepy, some folks. I’m sure most of your regular blog readers have this site bookmarked – like me! You’re part of my morning routine – right up there with my diet coke and breakfast bar. :)

  2. cullen

    Who the hell is Suzi Kolber anyway? Isn’t she a sportscaster of some sort? You wax vehemently and too often appropriately about the immaturish Tar Heels plus other great topics that run the gamut from hard, hard fucking to moralistic mormon (intra)murals.
    As for the ever-simple chords to Happiness (Bb), I can only offer the full tinkle accompaniment with an assortment of too bawdy additional lyrics. Who else but ye and thee to bring these otherwise frayed strings together? Do you think I still read the DTH online? Never and no, ExSpecially on Weds.
    Good Luck in Calembert.

  3. Dave

    Goggled: “Naked TV” “Naked Angels”; stumbled on you down the list a ways. Never bothered to add you to my favorites but have returned a number of times Googling: “Naked TV” “Naked Angels” blog. You and a guy named Leon come up.
    My wife and I both enjoyed “Librul” and “Twofold.” Could be both are too hip for Fox but more likely Fox just screwed up.
    BTW, I’ve wondered about Republicans, too. For me it comes down to: Are they misguided or immoral? I’m tending to the latter since Bushco perpetrates one horror after another without a single Republican speaking out honorably against them. I’m doubting the existance of honorable Republicans.


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