ordered enchiladas and I ate em


Driving back to the city for only one day

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  1. Piglet

    Is Patricia Clarkson famous? I knew her briefly when she was at the Yale School of Drama, and, well, I didn’t think she was all that amazing. She must have improved a lot over the years. Her classmate, Dylan Baker–he was my hero, the one I wanted to grow up to be just like. He pops up in a movie now and then–he was the guy who fucked up Samuel Jackson’s credit history in “Changing Lanes”, but if he’s done a real star turn in something, I don’t know about it either. I really should get out more.
    And double scooby snacks for doing your part for TeamDemocrat. I’m not sure what part of upstate NY you live in, but check out Samara Barend, running in the open 29th, if you’re anywhere near there. samaraforcongress.com
    Not to mention dailykos.com We’ve picked out eight Senate and Congress candidates to boost this year, including the challenger to Marilyn “I fight gay marriage. It’s the only thing I do in Washington” Musgrave.
    Thanks for today’s entry. It brought more than one smile to my morning.

  2. Mac

    Piglet – for a Dylan Baker star turn, see the movie HAPPINESS. For Patricia Clarkson awesomeness, see FAR FROM HEAVEN, THE STATION AGENT, and ALL THE REAL GIRLS.

  3. sid

    Isn”t Patricia Clarkson the elder girlfriend, what’s her character’s name, in HIGH ART?
    She is awesome, Yell for Yale!


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