singing in the dead of night



Okay, I blew that one up real big so that you can see how INSANE the packaging is on this product. Now, I realize I can get pretty riled up by environmental issues, and my sense of humor about chlorofluorocarbons is probably a little less acute than your average redneck grillin’ Beefmaster Franks on his FlameMaster 4000, but GIVE ME A FRIGGING BREAK!

That SD card is the same size that fits in your Palm Pilot or your digital camera, i.e., roughly the size of a man’s thumbnail. And the packaging, consisting of 80 lb cardboard stock and dual-bond plastic SO STRONG that it takes a BOXCUTTER to get through it, is BIGGER THAN a SMALL TELEVISION.

Oil to make that plastic, trees felled to provide the cardboard backing… couldn’t they have made a nice game of Boggle

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