open-faced sandwedge


If there’s one thing my parents sucked at, it was making sports a priority for their kids. The only thing I ever really learned in my youth was soccer, and that was because I was at school in London when I was 10, and if you didn’t play football with the other kids, they’d take it as a betrayal.

I got very good at it and began to love it

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  1. scott brown

    ian, this post is a horrid misuse of your blog, so feel free to delete this and i’ll take the inquiry elsewhere.
    i’ve been hunting an alt-pop song overheard in a gym almost 10 years ago. all i have are a handful of slurred lyrics and the sound behind it, “sound” meaning indie cd stores gather their employees around to hear my warbling attempts so they can say “not familiar with that one” and justifiably laugh for days.
    anybody know any sites that will let you do a more comprehensive search, or at least one that doesn’t keep pointing me back to that damn milkshake song?
    i think you’d be a great golfer.

  2. cbob

    No soccer in the early 80s?! What? In the mid 70s through the 80s soccer was all the rage (down South at least). With teams were sponsored by pharmacies and insurance companies and soccer fields as far as the eye could see.

  3. Andy

    Barriers are being broken all over. You’ve picked up golf and at the same time have no problem putting your arm around a dookie and posing for a picture. Surely, pigs will fly any day now.
    Seriously – I started playing golf 5 or 6 years ago and find it very challenging but extremely frustrating. On my last golf outing, I got so mad that I broke “El Deano” – a Carolina Blue putter with the UNC logo on the club head. Not good.

  4. Just Andrew

    I too have been fearing that I’ll have to take up golf in the near future. Golf still isn’t a sport tho – not until it becomes a timed event: lowest score + lowest time = winner.
    My 4 year old is in his first soccer league this year – he’s a little guy, but seems to have aquired my sports obsession/competitiveness. 4 year olds don’t really compete – more of a moth to the flame kind of thing – but he did manage to body check a 5 year old out of his way en route to a goal.

  5. DB

    Last time I played golf (which was the second time I played golf) I went to the public par 3 in Queens right across from the US Tennis Center. I was with two friends who’d never played. We all sucked so bad that we doubled par for scorekeeping, such that a 6 was a par. We each made one “birdie”. I’m not sure I could have a better experience than that.

  6. Ian

    SB – I think music store employees are the WORST way to find out a song. The best way is to sing it to your friends, or just call me and I’ll try to figure it out. My brother Sean and my friend Bud are also very good at deciphering almost-ran pop songs, but that does mean using the phone, so we can laugh at you too.
    CBob – Culturally, soccer exploded the year or so after I gave up on the team, at least in Iowa. These things can go ballistic very quickly; I just happened to miss it.
    Andy – True, Scott went to Duke. So did my other fave roommate Lars. It is possible to love a tree and hate the forest, I guess.

  7. Greg

    SB – Why don’t you record a clip of you singing the “tune” and your perception of the lyrics, then either post a link or mail it to Ian so he can post it and we can all attempt to help you while not-so-secretly laughing. Or maybe Ian can just record the call :)

  8. Bud

    SB – Just type your best guess at lyrics into the google box, hit “enter” and voila! Or just post them here and we won’t laugh at you. Much.
    Music store employees often suck. A pair in NJ actually did laugh at me for not recognizing Madonna’s faux-English accent at the beginning of “What it Feels Like for a Girl.” Just remember: that’s all they have to live for.
    Ian, you’d look fabulous in plaid pants. Or at least some Payne Stewart knee breeches. C’mon, work with us here.
    And Duke Forest is about all I *don’t* hate about Duke. Besides Scott and Lars, of course. And Cameron, a good concert venue. But other than those, Duke sucks worse than record store employees. Or golf. No offense.

  9. jon

    Nothing against Scott — other than his Dookiness — but in the span of 12 hours Ian, you’ve written “Scotty is teaching me how to swing” and compared your affection for him to “loving a tree.” What exactly is going on with you two?

  10. sb

    google keeps giving me some gangsta tune, and i can’t even type what i think the singer uttered without laughing at myself. not with me, at me.
    no more posting on ambian nights, i promise.

  11. Ian

    While my affection for Scotty is nothing compared to our 18-year love affair, Jon, he and I are merely “exploring each other” and “taking our liaison to another level.”


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