Act XVII, Scene XXIX, Line 47


There’s something about my personality I’m not very proud of, and though I’ve battled it for years, I have to admit that I dread going to the theater. If you’ve read my brother’s blog lately, or Mac Rogers’ various treaties on the subject

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  1. Alan

    I worked as a playhouse usher for years and would add only one more – if someone is to be shot, make sure the bullets actually get into the gun first.

  2. Piglet

    If you’re like me–and it’s scary how much you are–you grew up in the silver age of Broadway, and maybe saw the original Annie, the original Ain’t Misbehavin’, the original Sweeney Todd, and a whole lot of others the likes of which they don’t make any more. We’re spoiled for the modern theater for life, and the irritainment that passes for it will never be satisfying again.
    Do you remember when the Tony Awards were suspenseful because there was more than one show in each category that was actually worth seeing?

  3. Laurie Williams Gilmore

    Laurie Williams Gilmore here. Coming to you from Broadway. You have tickets to my show for Saturday night. So, I’ll prepare you. They spent a sick amount of multi millions “renovating” the gorgeous old histoic landmark Bilmore Theatre so that the inside looks, no longer historical and landmarkish, but rather like the inside of a hospital…but your ass won’t hurt in our seats!!! It’s not a comedy, but I think I’m funny. The scene changes will, indeed, put you to sleep and the music cues…well…humm to yourself. No one is addicted to anyting except self satisfaction. There is no God. (Perhaps that’s the problem)We behave consitently. I think we’re interesting. And, for the first time in a while, I don’t get naked so put your nipple fears to bed. See you back stage.


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