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Despite all my commitment issues regarding live theater, we saw a lot of it this weekend, and I’m proud to say it was fabulous (partly due to a hew habit of bringing a backpack for lumbar support). Our very own Laurie Williams Gilmore made her debut on Broadway and was fabulous as the German art critic in Sight Unseen.

When she came out for her bow, Tessa wept because she couldn’t have been prouder even if she was Laurie’s mother. When you see someone so deserving and so talented getting whoo-hoos and a-hollerin’ from the audience on 47th Street, it does a soul good and proffers the illusion that we might be living in a meritocracy after all.


One of the coolest things about being on Broadway is the backstage room with your name on the door, and if you’re in the union (referred to as “Equity”) then you get an Equity Cot! If I were Equity, I would never leave the cot, I would just stay there all night between shows and stew in my Equity juices.


Also seen this weekend: The Bourne Supremacy, with a car chase so good that Scotty and I cheered when it was over

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  1. Pete Stanley

    I have to say that the composition of the photograph at the top is striking. It’s just right. Was that conscious, or just, “Hey you” *click* ?

  2. Ian

    Noj- Yep, you saw her second performance. That’s cool that you got to see it.
    Pete – Actually, it was intentional. If I can get an interesting-looking frame, I’ll try to do the little “structring” things in order to make it better, as long as it takes less than two seconds.

  3. Hilary Howard

    i went to see “sight unseen” on friday night for two reasons: because i’d seen the original production, in like, 1992 or something, which makes me feel old, and because i wanted to see Anna Reader, an old friend. I was very disappointed when i opened up the playbill and saw that her understudy would be going on for her….that is, until i noticed who it was: hey! the woman from ian’s blog! i kinda know her too! cool! laurie did a fantastic job and as a fellow-actress, i know what kind of coup it is to make it up on that stage at long-last…congrats!


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