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Everyone has a few guardian angels that helped them out when they were young and insane, and I had two sets: the parents of Marcie and the parents of Hampy. Both Hamp and Marcie were among my closest confidantes at high school, especially while I weathered the horrors of puberty, and the dark rumblings of my own family, which was beginning to break apart.

Hamp’s parents were especially kind to me

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  1. Mom

    I only met Hampy’s mom a couple of times, and had a couple of extended conversations with her. I remember seeing the door with the “Ian’s Room” sign. It was during a time when my life had been twisted into some unrecognizable cartoon of what I had been trying to achieve for my family. Impossible. But those days, you had friends, Ian, who were amazing, with parents who were so kind, so generous, and who picked up so much of the slack that I will always be grateful.
    I remember Hampy’s Mom really well, and she had of the sort of gentle sweetness and good humor that I saw in so many of the southern women I knew in Virginia.
    I’m sorry to hear of her passing, and happy that you wrote this excellent and loving tribute to her.

  2. Karyn

    Whoa – just randomly checking in here, and I didn’t expect to get this news. I’m so saddened to hear about this loss. She was a wonderful and kind lady who was always happy to have us invade her house. Ian, thanks for writing about her. Hamp, if you’re reading this, my heart goes out to you and your family. I’ll be in touch more directly. God bless you, Mrs. T!


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