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I know the last thing all of you need from me right now is another graceless blog on politics, but I have to vent this particular frustration:

Two nights ago, after John Edwards’ speech, CNN’s audio AND video wasn’t working for the left-leaning pundit, thus they spent close to twenty minutes with Ralph Fucking Reed, the once and future king of the Christian Coalition. He drop-kicked every jackbooted talking point into the face of Wolf Blitzer until FINALLY Jeff Greenfield made him play honest defense.

Seriously, having Ralph Reed as the only Democratic speech critic? That’d be like Che Guevara doing the post-mortem on Dick Cheney’s luncheon address at the Carlyle Group. I couldn’t believe it.

And THEN, tonight, someone in the CNN booth thought it’d be awfully clever to include the walkie-talkie transmission from the guy producing the Fleet Center DNC party, who said “fuck” and “goddamn” en route to getting the balloons to drop. This came right after Kerry aced

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  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    I understand your gripe with CNN. However, it works both ways. You may as well expand your gripe to the entire news media in general. In my opinion, the whole 2000 election fiasco can be blamed on the media and the “rush to be the first to report the news” mentality. When all the stations erroneously reported that Gore had won Florida, despite all the importance on Florida in the election as a whole, they screwed things up BIG TIME. People who would have normally voted on the West coast decided not to, yada yada yada. It went downhill from that point on. The news stations are run by idiots who still have not been held accountable for single-handedly f*&king up the election from the very start. And it works against Democrats and Republicans alike. All the news stations care about is RATINGS. . . I don’t give them credit for even having a political agenda. They are all too dumb and self-involved for that.

  2. CL

    I think anyone who watched last night was able to leave feeling more secure about voting for Kerry, a man who, at a very young age, was able to make split-second decisions that put his own life in jeopardy and saved other people’s lives. A lot of people were complaining that they really didn’t ‘know’ him, and now they know.
    He’s right about beefing up homeland security (esp. at our power plants) instead of just sending boys overseas to war. He’s right about senators having perfect health insurance while so many people have none. Even though I don’t like to blindly give voters toooo much credit OR assume they’ll think like me, I agree with you that a lot of people watching would vote for Kerry if the election was held today. Who knows what the right-wingers have in store in August, though.

  3. cullen

    ditto on the CSPAN suggestion; it’s like preferring that old college prof. with the raging halitosis and monotone delivery to the new T.A. with all the t and a, but you get no ‘bi-ass’ like you get with many other news outlets now.

  4. Annie

    Aaaah, excuse me, but stations did not “erroneously report” that Gore had won Florida, they CORRECTLY (albeit prematurely) reported that Gore had won Florida, and then a few minutes later, FOX NEWS “erroneously reported” that B*SH had won Florida. Which we all know now (and some of us knew then) was a big, fat, disgusting, evil, sneaky, scary lie.
    A bunch of not-normally-political-in-fact-usually-apathetic Chapel Hill twenty and thirty-somethings gathered at Hell last night to watch the acceptance speech and we screamed our asses off for Kerry. Ian, you’d have been proud.

  5. cathie

    watch it on whatever channel you want, with the sound turned down and NPR on.
    i turned on the beginning of kerry’s speech thinking i would fall asleep somewhere in the middle, and i can’t believe i was not only awake but excited at 11pm.

  6. Steve Williams

    Thanks to a heads up from Mom, I captured the “What the fuck are you guys doing up there” thing on Tivo. I’ll try to record it and post it, so it’ll be preserved for posterity along with Janet Jackson’s boob.
    Interesting that modern digital TV production, with all this great technology, is making it HARDER for the broadcast networks to sanitize their broadcasts to avoid the wrath of FCC.

  7. Pete Stanley

    I hadn’t heard a good, clear “fuck” on national television since ABC listened in on Arie Luyendyk’s radio on the last lap of the 1997 Indianapolis 500.
    Anyway, it pains me to say that the Democratic Party nominated a turkey. I think Bush is going to bury him by ten points in the popular vote and the electoral map is gonna look as red as something …really red.
    During the 1990s the Repbublicans were simply obsessed with Clinton. It really bordered on the maniacal. It wasn’t good for the party and it wasn’t good for the country. I mean impeachment — what the hell was that all about?
    To run against Clinton’s incumbancy they also nominated the least disagreeable (within their own party) candidate available. Nobody in the R party was actually excited about him. Also a Senator also a combat veteran. Look what happened there.
    Right now the Democrats are similarly obsessed with Bush the Younger. It’s not good for the party and it’s not good for the country.
    In both instances the party out of the White House viewed the incument as Enemy Number 1. The difference between then and now is that there is an actual enemy, indeed a coalition of enemies abroad who are willing to come over here to do us harm. Kerry hasn’t offered much in that area, besides vague platitudes about allies and restoration of respect.
    What’s his view on the Iranian bomb project? What about Israel and Palestine? Sudan?
    He said that he’d expand the Army by 40,000 active duty soldiers. Which is reasonable. But then he pledged “not for Iraq.” That makes absolutely no sense at all. The very reason the army needs more troops is because of Iraq. Take as stand, John! In or out. But don’t pledge another 40,000 idle troops just so you can triangulate between the politcal base and the center.
    Bush is going to play up on this sort of indecidsive statement. Good for a Senator, especially one with a safe seat. Not good for a President.
    Kerry is not disciplined in his statements, nor is his campain disciplined. Note the recent NASA ridiculousness. Bush will repeat the same things over and over until you think he’s been lobotomized. He may (will) make syntax errors, but he won’t say something fatal.
    Bush is going to make a play for California. I doubt he’ll win, but he’ll force Kerry to spend more time and money there than Kerry thinks.
    Not only are the Democratic voters not very excited about Kerry, but I suspect the party apparatus isn’t fully behind him. Terry McAufflie is the Clintons’ man. I think Hillary wants to run in ’08, so it wouldn’t really make her weep to see Kerry lose. McAufflie may well run a half-assed campaign, just going through the motions.
    If Bush gets into trouble, he can smear Kerry’s Vietnam protest activities. Some of Kerry’s stuff was pretty out there, and it wouldn’t make a flattering juxaposition with the recent image of him saluting at the beginning of his convention speech.
    In addition, Bush has probably got a rabbit or three he can pull out of his hat concerning the war. Bush & Co. have been waging war for almost three years now. I’m sure there have been successes that haven’t been made public.
    I don’t see any way Bush can lose. I sorely wish it wasn’t so. I wish the Dems had nominated a candidate that could at least keep him honest.

  8. Salem

    Bush will lose any business owner in the “swing” catagory and the bible is not going to deliver seniors this time around. Just had a conversation with a successful home builder, who also spent 24 months in Vietnam. His wife cannot believe he is going to vote for a democrat. He and I have been building our sales and watching our profits dissappear. We hear John Kerry speaking to us and we both imagine Dick Cheney and GW Bush having conversations exactly like the ones Kissenger & Nixon had in the Watergate tapes (misguided, delusional, out-of-touch).

  9. Bane

    Is there any way Bush can win without a major revolt or civil war? Too funny. Well, here’s one: Bush wins with over 330 electoral votes. This one’s not even going to be close. I hope you guys will be able to get over it.

  10. Bane

    Oh, and Annie is dead wrong, CBS led the retractions of the Gore win, not FNC. (That’s what happens when you trust Micheal Moore.)


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