east german judge screwed me


There are no doubt other bloggers out there doing a bang-up job of blogging the Olympics, but I just have to say a few things.

Actually, wait a minute. There should be some sort of shorthand for that kind of sentence, because I find myself using it all the time in here. In other words, I guess it’s some sort of fear of being predictable, of saying what thirty other people at my subway stop haven’t already said, with more feeling, about fifteen hours before. When you write about politics, TV or anything else to do with culture, there’s always this voice that says “some blogger in North Platte, Nebraska had the final word on this already.” I guess all I can hope is that I bring something to the table. As Sting said, “Anyone can sing ‘Slip Sliding Away,’ but only Paul Simon has that voice’.”


Where was I? Ah yes, the friggin’ Olympics. I have been silently obsessed with the Olympics since 1976, when as a randy 8-year-old, I had a crush on Nadia Comaneci that could fuel a hundred thousand suns (she’s still gorgeous) and thus spent every waking moment at the tube, even thrilling at archery and the triple jump.

The 1980 Olympics sucked for obvious reasons (because of Afghanistan, if you remember) and the 1984 Olympics awakened some uncomfortable feelings I had about abject American jingoism. To me, the ’92 Barcelona and the ’96 Atlanta Games brought back the same breathless childlike anticipation. Even now, I can gauge the effects of the Celexa by seeing if I get choked up at any awards ceremony (I do

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  1. kent

    What I heard the last olympics is that if you could swing it (satellite? digital cable?) the CBC does a fantastic job covering the games. They show MORE events, they jabber less, and there’s even fewer commercials.
    I haven’t watched any olympics, because … well I was reading a book, or working on a track, or walking the dog.

  2. Greg

    As a (relativley) average joe that has a child and responsibilities that make me need to get up in the morning, I ‘m pissed that NBC draws the coverage out until midnight every friggin’ night. I know they’re trying to drag the prime time an hour later so they can rake in the dough, but if I want to actually watch the excitement of the final rounds of the all around, I’m forced to either tivo it (and watch it WHEN?) or lose sleep for the 10th straight night. I’ve been useless at work since the olympics started, and I’ve really only been casually obsessed. If the coverage were better and more complete, I’d just take vacation and stay home to watch the semifinals of the team-handball-with-sabre-in-left-hand competition.

  3. jodyk

    I have to agree. There isn’t anything like hearing “selfish, trifecta-clanging narcissist” to make me want to play some team ball-
    Greg’s comment was also right on, although I think NBC is getting the ratings it wants anyway.

  4. Sean M.

    I used to be the guy who was glued to the TV during the Olympics. Winter or summer – didn’t matter. You couldn’t keep me away. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up and be on the Olympic Committee (note that I didn’t say that I wanted to compete in anything – I wasn’t that athletic).
    Then this year, something changed, and it hasn’t been as important for me to watch. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was until it struck me yesterday. It’s the internet. I’ll be surfing online during the day and headlines will be everywhere – “Phelps wins gold in this” and “Dream Team blows chunks against Puerto Rico that”…when it hasn’t been on TV yet. Sure I could avoid the internet and yes, it’s still cool to watch the drama unfold even when you know how it ends, but it’s just not the same. It’s like taping the Super Bowl.
    This might be the first complaint I’ve ever made about the proliferation of the internet.

  5. litlnemo

    Truthfully, though, with the score Hamm got on the vault dropping him down to 12th place, the commentators were probably not too far out of line. Who could have expected that comeback? It was really amazing drama. I was so glad I was watching.

  6. Sean M

    Yes, I somehow, miraculously, managed to survive…I’m now doing the job of two people (for of course one salary) but hey — two jobs are better than none, right? And I like what I do, so I’m luckier than most.
    Thanks for asking.


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