we gather as not to feel alone


A few pics for those wanting to know the mood in Manhattan today:


a couple en route to the protest get encouragement from the street sweeper – 6th Ave, Brooklyn


Union Square: the never-ending drum circle for peace (bring your own cowbell)

BushCancerUnionSq(bl).jpg WantTruthUnionSq(bl).jpg


they were selling anti-Bush baby outfits; his shirt reads “My Dick Would Pull Out of Iraq”


just by standing in one place, we ran into eight different people from UNC – randomly – including my former Pink House roommates Jay Murray, Allen Sellars and N’Gai Wright. Also Celeste. And several other people who only recognized us from campus years ago. How bizarre is THAT?



this has been Tessa and Ian reporting from Manhattan, where George Washington still holds ballons of peace. Back to you in the booth

0 thoughts on “we gather as not to feel alone

  1. Paul Glaser

    Oh My God Ian,
    I knew I could check here tonight to see pictures and hear how awesome it is to be in NYC right now. I hope those assholes try to come to Burbank/Los Angeles sometime soon.
    Be safe and take care of Tessa, I don’t trust those fuckers as far as I could throw them.
    Love, Paul

  2. chip

    The protests got a lot of play on the NBC National News last night. The protesters that NBC interviewed appeared to be calm, rational people disgusted by an irrational, unthinking administration.

  3. jif

    i am sorry i missed the PH reunion (hi n’gai and jay). i am in town til weds and i was there yesterday too! my favorite dick t-shirt was “dick cheney before he dicks you.” its good to be back in new york.

  4. Bud

    All Chapel Hill alums of a certain age will remember the “Dick Crum before he dicks us” t-shirts. I’ll bet it goes back at least as far as Nixon.
    I wouldn’t want to be named Dick. See Dick run. See Dick win. See obvious pun on Dick’s name.
    But I’m sure if I were a widely-hated politician (and let’s face it, 40% of the public today hate *any* given figure), I’d get “Nip it in the Bud” or something equally inane.
    I should probably be glad no one’s picked up and run with the obvious Dick-Bush metaphor. Oops.
    Anyway, looks like Kerry has New York wrapped up. Bush (well, Rove) is clearly trying to use NYC as a backdrop. Good for NYC for making that repulsive strategy backfire.

  5. Annie

    Actually, Bud, t-shirts have been made displaying the following:
    But you might be thinking of something a wee bit nastier–certainly such a phrase would be neither difficult to come up with nor unwelcome. “Get your fat, disgusting Dick out of that dirty Bush and get ’em both the fuck out of Washington…” something like that, eh?
    I still like Lick Bush/Beat Dick though. Wish I had that t-shirt. Anybody know where to get one?

  6. Merkin

    The point is that people who idolize Che are fools. (You never call Republicans names, right?) And where does a Cedar Rapids boy get off telling convention delegates to get the f— out of NYC?
    P.S. I’m from Grinnell.

  7. Eks-One

    Hey, some one edited (Ashcroftian Style) me out of the picture of the random meeting of UNC people. I’m the guy in the upper right corner whose right ear and shoulder are still visible. That’s really bizarre!


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