kid stays in the pitcher


It’s very easy to play a cynical game of “what care I?” once you get to Los Angeles, but you’ll find yourself turned into a little kid at some inopportune moments. We’ve had a lot of meetings on the lots of the big movie studios, and getting the name badge and a little free reign can make you wide-eyed and agog at the silver-screen magic

0 thoughts on “kid stays in the pitcher

  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Russ, I have loved you ever since I saw “West Side Story!”
    Brandy, loved your pregnancy reality show! Why’d you kick you baby daddy to the curb?
    Pierce, you are too debonair for words!
    Aimee, why are you shopping at Old Navy???
    Thanks for the celeb update. Back to my cubicle work. By the way, what on earth is Fiji water??? Sounds very frou-frou.

  2. Michael from Sherman Oaks

    Hi….welcome back to So. California where the smog stirs until the “Santa Ana” winds blow!!
    How long R U and Tessa in town for?
    It’s been a little over 1 year since your “Doofus” blog. Any word (or smoke signal) from Julianna?


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