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There were a shitload of season premieres on television tonight, and believe me, if you’d collared me two years ago and told me that I’d be psyched about the Fall 2004 TV season, I would have fainted.

Actually, no. I was in such a paralytic state of anxiety-fueled depression that I would have a) been super-psyched that I’d lived that long, and b) utterly relieved to hear that I could care about something like television once again.

But I digress. Lots of shows came out tonight that were shaped or performed by some great people, and since I consider my faithful readers friends, by the transitive property, they’re basically your friends too. So here are the following shows you should be psyched about:

1. Veronica Mars – My high school buddy Dan Etheridge helped bring this one to the screen, and it’s really quite wonderful. The lead actress (Kristin Bell) is offhandedly talented the same way Claire Danes was in “My So-Called Life.” I’m still a bit lost on the plot, which concerns her detective dad and clearing her family name at a vendetta-filled high school, but I’m along for the ride.

2. Lost – We saw a rough cut of this show about four months ago, but I’ll repeat what I said then: top 5 pilots ever. Unfortunately, last night’s pilot only did the first hour (the version we saw was two) and the coolest stuff happens next week. But J.J. Abrams’ (Alias, Felicity) company has pulled off a miracle: I’m dying to know what happens. Plus, they were very nice to me and Tessa, so root for them.

3. Kevin Hill – We haven’t seen this yet, but it’s been getting great reviews, and it co-stars Patrick Breen, a New York actor who may be one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Totally home-team-pulling for this one.

4. CSI: New York – As far as I can tell, this show is going have a lot of Gary Sinise brooding and not getting enough sleep, but watch out for Eddie Cahill (Rachel’s assistant/boyfriend on “Friends,” also the goalie in “Miracle”) who is playing the young cop heavy who gets to intimidate possible suspects. Eddie is all-world and gets to fuck with a bad guy in the pilot!

5. Law & Order – I miss Jerry Orbach, but you have to pull for Jesse Martin. Jury is still out on Dennis Farina – can he deliver the first-act zinger like Orbach?

“Her babysitting days are over.”

“Maybe he should lay off the horseradish.”

“And I thought my ex-wife was a clunker.”*

*not real Jerry Orbach lines

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  1. scruggs

    a=b, b=c, a=c.
    I agree LOST last night was enticing stuff. I heard the pilot is one of the most, if not #1, expensive ever at around $5mm. Of course, I still hate to fly and will have to only peek during the Fearless-esque flashback scenes. Happy to know next Wednesday’s show is even better, but I fly out the next morning for NYC. I can’t down my prerequisite 2 screwdrivers when our 16 month old comes along.
    I also thought Farina, who normally to me has been just another dime a dozen tough guy, held his own and was wonderfully sneaky.
    If any UNC folks happen to live near the Atlanta area, our alumni club is bringing down Dr. Bart Ehrman as a speaker in November. If you weren’t lucky enough to have him as a prof (took New Test.), he’s fantastic. (Had your buddy Kaufman as well, though I blew the experience by being too hungover to make it to half, ok, most of the classes. liked his M&Ms though).

  2. Tanya

    Aw man, my favorite part of L&O was the first act zingers! And now they’re gone! I have to give it to the L&O folks for recognizing that the zingers were all Jerry and therefore they went when he went.
    I have to admit, though, that I feel like I should be watching L&O with my grandmother. It’s like Matlock. People our age shouldn’t like this show.
    Oh, and one more thing – damn, it was preachy last night. Not a big fan when they try to ‘rip from the headlines’ so much.

  3. Tanya

    p.s. Lost *was* pretty awesome. It better not come on the same time as The West Wing, though. I’ll be in for a true Wednesday night dilemma.

  4. Peter Rukavina

    I agree with you about Lost (disclaimer: I have watched Cast Away about 4 times, and I cry every time). But the proof will be in episode two: it’s either going to be great, or it’s going to “Jurassic Park with Airplanes.”
    I was really excited about CSI: NY, even after the cross-over episode with CSI: Miami that kicked things off. But I found last night’s episode unwatchable, mostly because it appears to be shot with some sort of special camera that under-saturates all the colours, and thus drains the life out of almost every scene (that sounds like a good idea, given the plot, but it doesn’t work in practice).
    I flipped back and forth between the finale of The Amazing Race and the premiere of NYPD Blue, and so I didn’t get the full effect, but it looks like this will be a good [and final] season there.

  5. Dan

    I believe that line is “That’s one babysitter who won’t be babysitting any more!”
    TM Jordi.
    I’ll be recapping Lost, so hopefully it won’t be TOO good. I need to be able to say mean things about it.

  6. Tanya

    Yo – Dan. Any chance you are recapping for MightyBigTV/Television Without Pity? If so, that site is GREAT. I get my fave recaps for the West Wing, Apprentice, Sopranos, and the like from there.


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