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It’s almost 2 in the morning and I have a meeting in a matter of hours, but before the weekend starts, I’d like to ask everyone a question. My brother Sean just posted the other blogs he reads every day, and it prompted me to think of mine:

First off, everyone in my family, which means Sean, Michelle and Kent’s links at left. Also my nephew Sean Patrick (Kent’s son) who rocks.

Then my friends:

The Budster, whose words of wisdom I’ve trusted since I was 18

Carla, whose love for music is greater than most musicians I know

Mac Rogers and Dan Kois, Carolina grads from Sean’s generation who have taken their talents and done New York the absolute right way

Peter and Steven, my favorite Canadians (except for the band Loverboy)

And then some politics:

Kos, who has taken the mantle from all comers

Lisa Rein, who is always Josephine-on-the-spot with Daily Show videos and other mpegs determined to bring down our monkey president

Electoral-Vote so I can dare to dream

…and then it’s off to the races, too many other links to mention. But my question is this: what blogs do you read daily? And if I may be so bold, what brought you here?

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  1. CL

    You probably know that I read yours because I absolutely loved 13th Gen, and a few years after Google was finally available to the masses, I wondered what happened with your other writing projects and Googled and found this. I’m a bit too obsessed with the pop culture from my youth, as well as the psychological implications of everything that happened in friends’ childhoods, but both writing-wise and politically, I like the way you think.
    Several of my friends have started blogs in the last year and linked to mine, so I read those. There are disadvantages, as in, one friend will write about how a few of us took a road trip last weekend, and then other people in our ‘circle’ will read it and get mad because they weren’t invited. So one has to be careful. Ah, the new social dilemmas of the ’00s.
    I read a few literary blogs to keep up with literary gossip & news, like‘s blog and‘s blog and some by other writers I know. King Wenclas, a literary gadfly whose group actually disrupts readings by writers, just started a blog 10 days ago that promises to tear down people like Dave Eggers. While I don’t agree with all of his philosophy, and I think people bash Eggers because they’re jealous, I’m too curious to look away.
    And I read your siblings’ blogs from time to time because they’re interesting and thoughtful.
    The blogs I don’t read are ones where people ramble a bit much. Pithyness is next to godliness in a blog.

  2. cathie

    i have never read a blog before, and i don’t read any others but this one.
    truth be told, i came here to find out more info about my (then) brand-new boyfriend, now fiance, chris (and the first thing i found out about him is that you call him chip!)
    but i stay because it is interesting and funny.

  3. Bozoette Mary

    I read yours because you write so well, because I agree with your politics, and because you make me laugh. I read a lot of others for the same reasons. I particularly enjoy The Blog of Pratt, Petrouchka, Chuck Taggart’s Looka! and too many others to mention.

  4. angie

    I found your blog when you wrote a piece for on Elizabeth Smart, and how her Mormon upbringing could have contributed to her ‘compliance’ with her abductors. I share those Mormon roots (and, like you, have chosen a more liberal life for myself), and I thought that piece was brilliant. I started following your blog at that time, and especially love all references to your Mormon roots and relatives!

  5. Piglet

    I started reading your blog because I remembered you from alt.society.generation-x. Good writing then as now. Here are blogs by some others from that group; if you know of any others, I’d love to track them down…
    I read daily Kos and eletoral-vote too, along with the following:
    The Rude Pundit is not suitable for children, but otherwise is definitely worth checking out if you’re in a screaming, furious, wish-Cheney-would-be-torn-apart-preferably-by-jackals sort of mood. Anyone whose preferred nickname for Bush is “The Prison Bitch” can’t be all bad.

  6. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    I had never even heard of a blog until I was randomly Googling a few months ago, trying to verify a rumor that Julianna H. from Manly Dorm had become a newscaster. . . I came upon your blog and have been reading it ever since. It was interesting to see a somewhat familiar face from 17 years ago and to read about the good things that had befallen him. It makes me laugh to think back to my freshman year at UNC, 1986, when I was Sarah W.’s roommate and Julianna’s friend, and I would see you every now and then on your way to visit Julianna. Who would have thought that, fast-forward 17 years, I would be a daily reader of your blog. Anyway, thanks for introducing me to the world of blogs!
    I enjoy your sister’s blog because she is very thoughtful and has interesting insights (Hope your kitty cat feels better soon, Michelle!)
    I enjoy because both you and Michelle mentioned her site in your own blogs, and I love the photos of her dog Chuck.
    I also enjoy and Can’t even remember how I found these sites. . . very funny working mommy/stressed out mommy humor!

  7. Jennifer

    Fond memories of “Wednesday’s Child” and the infamous “why I hate dook” column sent me googling for WC and IW. I’ve confessed before that I’m probably the oddest loyal reader within the Xtcian ranks given my somewhat conservative beliefs and faith, but I can’t help but admire and respect your writing as well as your passionately-held beliefs. You also make me laugh (the map entry) and cheer (anything about our beloved Heels).
    Plus if we’re playing the IW version of the Kevin Bacon game, I’m only one person away from Campbell Scott. *swoons* ;-)
    Let’s see, I also enjoy Sean and Michelle’s blogs (another shoutout to the health of Fezzik!).
    My secret guilty pleasure is celebrity gossip, so I also read, among other similar blogs/sites.

  8. josie

    You know how I got here, but I stick around b/c I think you’re pretty clever. ;)
    No other blogs at this time….maybe I’ll do my own one day….

  9. Ian

    Wow, thanks for everyone’s kind words. Good links, I’ve added some to my favorites. I’d still like to hear from more lurkers, if they dare surface!

  10. Greg

    I got your information from Jennifer Terry around the time of the 2004 Duke basketball games when I passed around your Wednesday’s Child column from the early 1990’s. As I’m sure you know, I continue to send out updates to my Tar Heel brethren and I copied you on that list as well. Hope it helps keep you connected. I never knew what a blog was, but I have to admit I’ve taken to blogging up my regular Tar Heel updates.
    I check this blog and only this blog every couple of days or so. Interesting insights. Don’t always agree or care with the topic du jour, but it’s good entertainment.
    Not sure if you’re a West Wing fan or not, but JACK & BOBBY is a great new show on the WB. Check it out on Sunday nights.

  11. Tim

    Mine may be the most random one yet: I searched a few months ago for a place to buy Nike Shox VC basketball shoes. While your site certainly isn’t what I was looking for, I did see your post about the very same shoe. I noticed you were a witty writer with interesting things to say, so I started reading some more entries and have been a regular ever since.


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