john query


It’s almost 2 in the morning and I have a meeting in a matter of hours, but before the weekend starts, I’d like to ask everyone a question. My brother Sean just posted the other blogs he reads every day, and it prompted me to think of mine:

First off, everyone in my family, which means Sean, Michelle and Kent’s links at left. Also my nephew Sean Patrick (Kent’s son) who rocks.

Then my friends:

The Budster, whose words of wisdom I’ve trusted since I was 18

Carla, whose love for music is greater than most musicians I know

Mac Rogers and Dan Kois, Carolina grads from Sean’s generation who have taken their talents and done New York the absolute right way

Peter and Steven, my favorite Canadians (except for the band Loverboy)

And then some politics:

Kos, who has taken the mantle from all comers

Lisa Rein, who is always Josephine-on-the-spot with Daily Show videos and other mpegs determined to bring down our monkey president

Electoral-Vote so I can dare to dream

…and then it’s off to the races, too many other links to mention. But my question is this: what blogs do you read daily? And if I may be so bold, what brought you here?