roadsigns to recovery


As I’ve oft mentioned before, I always visit Yahoo’s Most-Viewed Photos page, as it gives you a perfect snapshot of America: pics of scantily-clad models, cute kittens in a basket, and Iraqis with their limbs blown off. Sex, pandas and gore, as Lars and I like to say.

But this picture has been in the top ten for a few days, and it’s making me sick:


Wow, such deep irony. How fiendishly clever of the photographer to snap that picture at exactly the right moment. This kind of hackery would have been REJECTED by every photographer teacher north of 4th grade as utterly hopeless shit, but here, it gets emailed around the country by snickering Republican dads trying to infuriate their daughters over email.

And what do us progressive types get for Bush? Why, this, of course:


Y’see, I don’t think that’s entirely fair. If the compositionally and subtext-challenged photographers from the conservative camp get to provide dim-witted commentary about a nominee they don’t like by using a conveniently-placed “DEAD END” sign, then we should be granted the same luxury.

And as such, I’m providing this:


Man, I’m always seeing those “TOTAL FUCKWIT” signs on the road these days. What an odd warning! TEE HEE!

0 thoughts on “roadsigns to recovery

  1. Sean M

    awwww, c’mon. sure, it’s an amateur photo and won’t be winning any major journalism prizes, but are you saying that if GWB was in that photo instead of Kerry, you wouldn’t have at least chuckled? or that it wouldn’t have been just as popular on the most-viewed photos page?
    republicans might comment on the irony that he seems to be walking down a dead end street with mary cheney.
    OK, need my morning coffee now.

  2. Annie

    Ian, you’ve GOT to forward the fuckwit picture ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE…if I knew how to do those kompewturs, I would do it…
    And are you coming through Chapel Thrill??


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