negatively charged


I’m writing from the wilds of central Kentucky, in Jon Vaden’s farmhouse built in 1798, twenty whole years before our farm was built upstate, and it feels good to be back among ancient surroundings. Along with Tessa (who flew back to New York from New Orleans) I’ve been on the road since September 7th, and there’s only one more day between me and home.

My wanderlust is unquenchable, and I don’t know if I could travel far enough or long enough to be happy sitting in one town for more than a season. One time back in 2000, Sean and I realized we hadn’t been off the island of Manhattan in two months, and so I had to hop in my shitty car and drive to Rockland County just so my brain cleared.


taken with Tessa’s Treo

Chopes has been a good companion on this trip, even though his Idiopathic Vestibular Syndrome

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  1. early riser

    Sounds like my own condition which is occasionally exacerbated by wanderlust and alone travel time—Idiotesticular Gesticulation. I empathize with your slobbery back-seat navigator, so kiss and lick that cuddly road-dog and don’t be surprised if he loves the Bluegrass state.
    Do you have a GPS on board? Maybe you could chart a northeast-bound location on your last day driving at which Sweet Tea is no longer available. That would be the official Mason-Dixon line. Godspeed.

  2. Annie

    Wel, ah s’pose yore not comin thru Chapel Heeyul…
    Excuse me, but :(
    You & Tessa better be representin when that guy Chris gets married eight weeks hence.

  3. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    My beagle suffers from the same condition! Poor Chopes. Did he go through that whole rapid eye movement thing as well? Very scary. Chopes is looking good, though! I am glad to see him looking so perky. Have a good weekend.

  4. Ehren

    I assume from your previous blog and from the fact that you’re on your way back to NY that you’re totally coming to the Triple Header Extravaganza! It will be fun, and you should come out.


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