punkins, the bean that’s a fruit


Yes, it’s true, I’ve been sorta “uncontrollably furious” of late, so let’s kick back with a few more pictures from this past week, shall we?

First off, I was waxing theoretical last month when they talked about New Orleans taking a direct hit from a Category 5 hurricane. 15-20 foot floods of petrol and fire ants could be expected, so when I was in the French Quarter last week, I went to the balcony of the hotel to see what that would mean.

Here is an incredibly third-rate Photoshop quickie that shows how high a 17-foot flood in New Orleans would get (click image for bigger, but it’s just as stupid-looking when larger):


At the Jasper Family Steakhouse in northern Georgia, Salem had recently unveiled a massive piece of folk art mural by local savant Billy Roper – love it or hate it (I think it’s awesome), Salem is dragging art to the Appalachian masses one patron at a time (click for bigger):


Apparently this guy really hearts coal, and really hearts Bush/Cheney as well. Rotten politics but beautiful scenery in West Virginia:


The day after I got back, Scotty, Sean and I quickly absconded to the Egremont Country Club golf course, where I proceeded to suck green donkey dicks. Rotten golf but beautiful scenery in Western Massachussets:


In 2002, my pumpkin patch gave us a ton of little pumpkins. Last year, the patch gave forth nothing. This year, there are only about ten, but they are AWESOME. I heart pumpkins, I really really do.


0 thoughts on “punkins, the bean that’s a fruit

  1. scotty

    You think you sucked green donkey dicks? What about Jamie? How a man with two arms and two legs shot a smooth 70 for 9 holes is beyond me. He still owes us some money. What a bastard.

  2. oliver

    Monsiuer is very clever weeth ‘is theory of zee water level, but ‘ee forgets that the beignet, she is very absorbant.

  3. Sean

    Considering the size of your testicles in that last picture, I’m amazed you could play golf at all.
    PS. Those are actually pumpkins…


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