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For years now, I’ve been the top Google search for the words I hate Halloween – which is really ironic, since it is my favorite holiday ever. The Google page leads to an entry from two years ago that has become a makeshift dumping ground for wronged Christians and people who hate giving candy to kids.

To which I say: what is wrong with you people? Outside of various weekends on Bourbon Street, this is the only day of the year when the city blocks off traffic so adults can make buffoons of themselves and kids can be so fucking cute that it makes you want to have them. In college, it was the one time of year that your girlfriend’s uptight roommate would become a “sexy witch” and throw your libido into utter confusion.

I made a pact with myself at the age of eight that I would never go to a dress-up party without dressing up, nor would I miss donning a costume for Halloween. I have dressed as Tessa, as a clown, even Uncle Jessie in the Dukes of Hazzard.

This weekend we went to Meredith Tucker’s “Dress As Your Own Parents” Halloween party, and I attended as my own dad, in my black tails, silver hair and a sewing needle standing in for baton. As chance would have it, the son of conductor Rainer Miedel of the Seattle Symphony was there dressed as his father as well, only he was in rehearsal clothes. Bizarre but true:


On Sunday, we had a casual get-together to carve the pumpkins I grew upstate this year, and getting the orange fuckers upstairs took the collective strength of both Sean and I, with the pumpkin held in a flannel sheet. One of them, I swear to God, was four hundred pounds at least. We gave that beast to Rick Gradone, who turned it into the face of the Picasso print hanging on our wall:



Mine was, in the old words of Chip, “beseeching a God in which I do not believe”:


And then on to 7th Avenue parade:





It was a brilliant night off from politics, which will spin back into action tomorrow as many of my friends head off to swing states for voter protection. Bliss Broyard is going to New Orleans; my mom, Sean and Jordana are going to Youngstown, OH – and Tessa, Kelly and I are off to Reading, PA.

In the meantime, YAY FOR HALLOWEEN!


2 thoughts on “bring your own boos

  1. brunster

    Liar! Liar! you said YOU were going to be in Ohio doing the protection bit and giving out shots of Cuervo Gold. So am I going to be doing shots with your mom? -thanks alot Ian!


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