Gee Otter – thanks!


Nobody will be on the internet for the next four days, so I have a few quick thanks to give before Thanksgiving.

– Thanks to my sister Michelle for letting me be the only one who could stop her crying when she was a baby.

– Thanks to my brother Sean for not freaking out when I got him what I wanted for his eighth birthday (a basketball).

– Thanks to my brother Steve for making me that cool robot costume powered by a six volt battery three Halloweens in a row.

– Thanks to my brother Kent for introducing me to the Odd Bodkins cartoons, the Beatles and XTC.

– Thanks to my dad for the orange Huffy 10-speed bike (Christmas 1979), and for letting me understand that artists are supposed to be paid too.

– Thanks to my mom for the new Peanuts cartoon books she left on my pillow every day after I was beat up at grade school.

– Thanks to Chip for moving back to Chapel Hill in 1991 when my world was falling apart, thanks to Bud for getting me through winter 1992 and his advice about baby powder, and to Jon Vaden for rescuing me that Christmas when my parents were throwing antiques at each other.

– Thanks to Salem for his Clinique 2 1/2 Scrubbing Lotion and his undying energy for all things, and thanks to Annie for our fireside (forced hot air blower) chats.

– Thanks to Scotty for his unwavering character and his excellent advice off the tee. Also to Lars for his endless curiosity and perfectionism.

– Thanks be to Jamie Block for our insane years (1987-2000) and our lucky years (2001-present). Thanks also to Kendall for my first kiss, and her abject loyalty.

– Thanks to Lindsay for his curmudgeonly enthusiasm and for doing everything six months before we do. Also to Matt, Clay and Jon Gray for refining my humor when I was getting complacent.

– Thanks to DB in SF for fighting all good fights, and to everyone from Carolina who has forgiven me for being such a clueless bastard whilst there.

– Thanks to Chapel Hill, New Orleans, Venice (CA) and New York City for lust, debauchery, hope and victory.

– Thanks to all of you who read this blog and have such amazing things to say (Caren, Kmeelyon, Oliver, the Canadian Clique, Piglet, Laurie, Andy, Andrew, Shannon, Tanya, Greg, Carla, flaco, cullen, bozoette, Brent, Kevin, Wendi) and everyone else who is sliding through my fingers because it’s 1:51am. Also to the newcomers for being willing to adopt another blog.

– Thanks to the stunningly great people I have met because of my very significant other: the emotive, heartbreakingly great Laurie and George, the effervescent Nell and salt-of-earth Jesse, razor-sharp Virginia, omniscient Kelly, warm mothering Lorraine and Alex, steadfast Jason and Tim, and super sweet Lee and Suzanne. If you have read thus far and not seen your name, understand that it is only my fault, and I’ll get you next Thanksgiving.

– But my most undying thanks belongs to the sweet love of my life, Tessa Valentine, who is just about the best thing that ever happened to anybody. She is the frosting, the gravy, the warm backrub on a cold night. Nothing is better than our families intermingling, nothing is nicer than the ability to love her, and nothing could express how Thankful I am that she was Given to liking me too.


Tessa and her chowder-headed date

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  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Oh God, are you sweet! I am teary-eyed, here in my spider hole, oh, I mean work cubicle. You really are a sweetheart, Ian, and I am sending you and Tessa the most positive vibes over the Internet. You know, I have been married 10 years, and sometimes my husband and I drive each other crazy. Whenever you post an articulate, sentimental entry like this one, I get all sentimental myself, and I remind myself how lucky I am to have Tim in my life and what a great person he is. Between you and me (and the Internet), I usually attack him on those days when I get home. Betcha didn’t know that you serve this virtual marriage counseling service for your readers, huh?
    Hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving. Be sure and give Chopes a little extra turkey for a special treat.

  2. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    I agree with Andrew wholeheartedly! Your blog is the very first thing that I focus on when I sit at my desk at the crack of dawn. I bypass all the work emails, frantic voicemails, piles of stuff to do, and I center/calm myself by reading your words for the day. I do that first, I take my Lexapro second. Only then can I start my day! Thanks for kick starting my morning.

  3. Tanya

    Ian Darling,
    As others have already started, thanks also to you for letting us into your head every day. I, too, start my day off at – speaking of routines. ;) Thanks for the laughs, the “hell yeahs!”, the basketball talk, the advice solicitation (we all learn something on those days!), and for preserving a memory of some crazy times back in Chapel Thrill that make me grin mischievously.

  4. CL

    Thank you for giving me something warm and thoughtful to read every morning, and for tolerating my comments. Thanks for having contributed to a book in 1992 that made me realize I wasn’t alone in my feelings & interest in the pop culture arcana of my youth. And thanks to allllll of the warm & wonderful people I get to read about or read comments from on this blog – it’s heartening to see so many talented artists and kind folks in this world.

  5. Andy

    Ian – thanks to you as well.
    I’m sure it was the 2am fog that caused you not to thank the Heels, so I’ll do it for you.
    Thank you for efficient zone offense that produces an alley oop slam.
    Thank you for the secondary break and the trailer nailing a 3 from the top of the key.
    Thank you for Dean Smith and teaching us to always point at the passer.
    Thank you for 1982 and 1993.

  6. cullen

    ..and thank you for a 2005 Final Four if we can turn our team chemistry a baby-alkali blue.
    Monsta props and munch-ass gracias on this Turkey Eve to the ‘and one’ and only Wednesday’s Child (not Tuesday’s Weld) for providing daily scripture-fodder for my, our secular ‘quiet times’. But what, no recipes? How’s that for a thanxgivin’ rip-off? We want the carving picture with your new festive bow tie. Bounteous harvest and elastic pants.

  7. CL

    I didn’t want anyone to miss Laurie from Manly Dorm’s quote of the year this morning:
    “Between you and me (and the Internet),”

  8. Annie

    Thank you, Ian! for being such a great friend to me all these years, for being a 2nd big brother, for listening to me kvetch while hogging all the air from the forced-air-blower (only source of heat in the house), thank you for welcoming me at Beachwood lo those many times I had to explode out of my 10×12 life in SF for one more weekend, thank you for moving back East (to New York, no less), thank you for this blog, and thank you thank you THANK YOU for marrying Tessa and inspiring ALL of us to give up on hopelessness and start a new life with someone incredible and stick with it and get married finally!
    BTW, can you go down to the Fast Fare and pick me up a six-pack of Diet Coke and some Camel Lights?


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