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  1. kevin

    The top picture of Tessa is reminiscent of Miss Yvonne from Pee Wee’s play house slicing open that loaf of bread!! Glad you had a great holiday!!

  2. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Thanksgiving was lovely. Hey, we rented Tessa’s movie through Netflix, and I thought it was wonderful. My husband kept saying, “Now, you never met the director, but you went to the same school, and you were a distant acquaintance of her husband in 1986-87, but you read his blog each day when you are supposed to be working, and you post comments to his blog?? And he contributed to that interesting book you brought home from the library a few months ago? Am I getting this right? What is a blog again?” And I responded, “Please just relax and enjoy the film.” We both really enjoyed it — we even watched the “Q&A” at the end. My God, is Tessa ever articulate and talented! You two are indeed the powerhouse couple! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. cullen

    I axed for the bowtie picture on Turkey Eve; I’m thankful that you obliged. I’d like to see you and a tongue-tied, bow-legged, stuffed shirt Tucker Carlson in a stuffing eating, I mean an eating stuffing contest. I bet brother Tucker roots for Duke. Hiss.

  4. scruggs

    I think my Thanksgiving could contend for a spot on Ian’s worst possible holiday nightmares. We always have lunch in BFE NC with my Dad’s side (and he’s unfortunately no longer around to serve as the voice of reason). Then dinner in SC with my mother’s crew is a relatively normal and stress-free evening.
    But lunch is a dreaded event. My uncle is the POSTER BOY for your red state voter, and we cringe when he “says the blessing.” Its usually a thinly veiled conservative rant with an Amen to tidy it up. This time, he actually pulled out a Rush Limbaugh book and read an excerpt to enlighten us on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Later, after a phat southern meal (the reward for our suffering: BBQ, sweet potato casserole, et al. yum), we got to see pictures of my cousin’s kids (ages 9 and 7) posing next to the carcasses of the deer they had recently slain.
    So, I’m thankful Christmas is in NY/CT this year!
    Happy holidays.

  5. Ishtar

    Wonderful Thanksgiving (though commenting late, of course, after getting Coastopia withdrawal shakes). Ate at Denny’s; saw an octopus (not at Denny’s).
    Essentially, none of the family was in town; nor was my boyfriend’s family. I had no desire to try and cook a dinner I don’t like half of (hate cranberries, hate yams, and think turkey is okay) and the boyfriend needs help cooking mashed potatoes, so we decided to scrap the roundhead traditions and go diving in Monterey. Thursday night, we did a dive which was really cool. The rest of the weekend sucked as the storms rolled offshore and whipped up nice wave actions while we were underwater on Friday, and I got to find out what it’s like to almost die.
    Think next year I might stick to the turkey after all…


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