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Nobody told me about the whole WASP blue-blood Newport, Rhode Island thing, so when I first saw the mansions, I thought I’d stumbled upon the movie set for a Fitzgerald novel. Apparently this is a huge summer destination for those dear old-money families from Philadelphia, Boston, New York and everywhere else that had a nice lockjaw accent.

It was Betty Blake’s Christmas party, and I left my camera in the car, but it was a grand affair. Betty is (Tessa’s father) Blakey’s third wife, which, if you’ve seen Five Wives on DVD, won’t seem that strange to you. Since his death, the surviving brothers and sisters get together to commiserate on their ordeal, and it’s satisfying for me – a true outsider – to relish how much they gravitate to each other now that his outsized shadow is no longer stretched over them.

Getting to Newport was another thing, however. My present to Tessa, shipped via USPS because I no longer trust Fedex as far as I can throw one of their trucks, was lost in transit on the way to Texas. How was it lost, you might ask? It was burned on one of the Fedex planes. Yes, turns out the U.S. Postal Service uses Fedex to ship things. It’s like being stuck in an M.C. Escher painting.

Oh, and we hit the divider in the highway and lacerated our tire so badly that even Fix-a-Flat

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  1. DB

    Wow. You know what’s fucked up? I got a blowout driving back to SF from LA today. I was 10 miles South of Buttonwillow, CA when it happened, and I was wearing shorts (it was 70 degrees in LA, natch)–which sucked given the temperature in that part of Nowhere, CA: 40 degrees, even. It was also a nice time to discover that our jack was missing…
    Still, I’m home safe’n’sound ‘n’ about to watch the Tivo’d VA Tech game–2 more days as a bachelor before the wife ‘n’ kid return. Sorry so many ‘n’s. Go heels, DB

  2. brent

    Go check out St George’s school while in Newport. It will reinforce how unfair some people’s high school experience can be relative to your own. Doesn’t every school have a beautiful stone chapel and a ten acre rolling lawn down to the ocean?


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