and all years in’tween



All three of us, now and then, wish you a wonderful Christmas and holiday week

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  1. - irving -

    Almost completely OT, but I finally got to see The Incredibles last night, and the first thing I thought when Buddy Pine / Syndrome (the villian) came on screen was “Hey – he looks like Ian from xtcian!”

  2. Killian

    OHMYGOD!! Have been following your blog since just before the beginning of the 30 hour drive (ditto the question/comment about airplaines, but I’m sure there was a good reason. . .) and the two of you (plus Chopes) look beautimous!!
    I dreamt you gave birth to a two year old boy, who turns out to look JUST like the photo posted today. Anyway, Tessa, I love you with a mightly love and have ordered your DVD, which should be waiting for me whe I return from Alabama. . .Have many things to ask, tell, and marvel about. . .the WTC postings are quite moving all love and best wishes in 2005,

  3. jif

    have you always posted this late? its really annoying for those of us in Kabul who are used to having your daily missive waiting for us in the morning. cant you post before 2am? sheesh.


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