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The Buddhists say that if you really hate something, you should lean into it and truly understand your feelings. Don’t avoid it: revel in it. The only way around is through.

It is with this in mind that I present today’s blog. Case in point – I hate brown slush. Sure, a snowstorm is terrific and skiing is awesome and winter has its charm, but the brown, diesel-colored sludge churned onto the road for three months puts me in a state of apoplectic depression.

I have hated it since I was a kid, those frozen mountains of black snow backed into the corners of all the parking lots in Iowa. I want to get a giant hair dryer and melt them all. I despise walking in it, then seeing my own footprints re-frozen day after day. Just thinking about brown sludge can make me stop what I’m doing and force me to think about other nice things, like daisies or blue jays.

So, in an effort to quell this horror, I am offering three examples of prime brown slush right here on the blog. May it be a reminder to myself in gentler times about the beast Earth and its wobbling axis.


8th Avenue bus stop trough slush


puddle slush congealed corner 7th Avenue and Union


car-spackled slush oozing on Berkeley Street

0 thoughts on “tour my amygdala

  1. Sean M.

    As the old saying goes (and by “old”, I mean since about 30 seconds ago):
    When life serves you brown slush, make slurpees.

  2. mindy

    Brown slush I can handle. It’s the repeatedly-peed-upon snowbanks that line the sidewalks all across the dog-loving Upper West Side that make me cringe.

  3. Anne

    Ewww. There was a big solid block of that slush/snow stuff (brownish gray) in our driveway today. I think it fell out of the wheel-well of my car.
    So I kicked it with my boot to break it up. It exploded! I mean, globs of that crap flew straight up and landed on my jeans, my parka, my gloves, and even my face. Kind of a Fear Factor experience.
    Mindy, try looking at the dog-pee squiggles as Jackson Pollack artwork. My own dog is such an artist.
    – Anne


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